The communications industry is undergoing a major transformation, driven by the rise of new technologies like 5G, Generative AI and advanced AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality). These technologies are creating new opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to engage with customers, deliver new services, and improve operational efficiency. At Wipro, we are at the forefront of this evolution, leveraging our expertise to help CSPs thrive in this new era. We collaborate with top CSPs and Network Equipment providers to deliver innovative services like Network as a Service (NaaS), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and managed private 5G solutions while helping them tap into new markets and revenue streams.

Join us on this transformative journey, as we shape the future of communication services

Awards and Recognitions

Wipro Earns Cisco’s Distinguished Supplier of the Year Award 2023

Wipro recognized as Siemens Solution Partner Americas 2023 for Engineering Edge's Industry DOT

Wipro has been recognized as a Leader for the third consecutive year in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed Network Services


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Case Studies

T Mobile Application Achieve Better Cost saving Code Through CI/CD

The new pipeline was integrated with an observability platform that included an intuitive elastic dashboard.

Empowering Grameenphone to Leverage the Cloud for Agility and Growth

As the leading telecommunications operator in Bangladesh.

Cloud Transformation Program for T Mobile Netherlands

Leveraging public cloud, vertical sourcing, DevOps, and fully automated monitoring, Wipro helped T-Mobile optimize performance while reducing IT spend by 50%.

Delivering Great Customer Experience

Wipro helped Telenor India, a leading mobile operator, achieve best-in-class service reliability and assurance by reducing IT incidents by a whopping 89%

Wipro Ensures Consistent KPI Delivery & Maximum SLA Improvements

Enabling support across 14 OpCos throughout Africa by ensuring consistent KPI delivery to business, reducing high-priority incidents, and outage time

Germany's Second Largest Mobile Service Provider Creates QA for IT

Wipro helps second Largest mobile service provider in Germany to create a digital ready QA for IT

Wipro Provides Real-Time Digital Analytics Strategy for a Telco

Integrating the Ab Initio platform and providing contextualized, real-time insights across business units and functions for a telecommunications major

Wipro Implements Multi-OpCo Analytics on Cloud for Faster Insights

Deploying a hybrid approach to address data security and privacy concerns resulted in significant cost reduction.

Wipro Delivers Predictive, Preventive Analytics Based Solutions for Telco

Simplified, predictive, and preventive analytics-based solution implemented to improve SLAs & lower operating expenditure while reducing the number of issues for the customer

T Mobile Application Achieve Better Cost saving Code Through CI/CD

The new pipeline was integrated with an observability platform that included an intuitive elastic dashboard.

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How Ultra-Reliable Connectivity Will Transform Industries

AI Transforms Fiber Network Deployement:

Fiber networks have revolutionized connectivity, uniting people across the globe with high-speed internet and fostering collaboration.

Harnessing the Power of 5G with Test Automation

In the golden age of digitalization, today’s innovation is tomorrow’s obsoletion; such is the pace of technological evolution.

Revolutionize Business with Metaverse-as-a-Service Platform

If they move boldly, CSPs are ideally positioned to play an outsized role in the metaverse value chain.

End to end Network Lifecycle Automation in Telecom Networks - Wipro

5G, IoT, and Edge Cloud offer huge potential for operators to increase their revenue multifold, by transforming the way they offer services to their customers. However, the cost around new spectrum, new radio, 5G core and control plane elements, increased capacity & low-latency transport network, virtualization/containerization, slicing & orchestration requirements all make the cost management and transformation a key compulsion for operators. Many top tier-1 operators have already taken up Network Optimization and End-to-end Network Lifecycle Automation as visionary projects to optimize costs.

Catalogue-driven order management

CDOM demystified

Service-based Sales and Channel Management in Telecom

Operators in consumer mobile business are under enormous pressure –while revenues from services are falling, high costs deter operators from reaching under-served population in far-flung areas. Operators address this limitation through multiple channel partners.

Telecom Revenue Enhancement and Churn Prevention

When lack of timely insight and delayed response can translate into loss of revenue you might need to switch to better data analytics system. Read more

The Smart Route to Revenue Assurance

How do you deal with the revenue leakage which is aggresively hitting the revenue for Telcos?

A Value Based Approach to Improve Customer Experience

How can a value-driven approach assess and prioritise customer experience improvement initiatives? Click here to learn more

Emerging Digital Customer Care Landscape at Telcos

A combination of enablers like analytics, automation, personalization, social media integration and omni-channel experience, among others, enhance customer experience.

Telco stack moving towards digital operations - Wipro

The telecom application stack is going through a phase of significant change: it is being moved from data centers to cloud infrastructure. This switch puts immense pressure on legacy systems to get acclimatized to the digital environment. Traditional ways of operations do not do justice to the application landscape. In the new environment, digitalizing operations becomes an essential.

How 5G Can Drive Innovation and Efficiency in the Healthcare Industry - Wipro

The healthcare industry is moving away from a hospital-focused structure to a patient-focused structure. Healthcare operators are predicted to spend $76 billion on 5G digital transformations by 2026 to make this future a reality.

Telcos and the Cloud : Challenges to Efficient Data Migration

Switching to the cloud from an on-premise network offers enormous benefits.

The Role of System Integrators in Enterprise 5G Deployment

A cross-industry investigation by ABI Research in association with Wipro

Know How Telkomsel Digitally Transformed Hyper-Personalized Customer Engagement

In Indonesia, Telkomsel is currently the largest cellular operator.

How much Intelligence will you Pack into your LTE Network? - Wipro

How will the mobile ecosystem - from operator to content provider and the subscriber benefit with the exponential increase in the new age telco technologies like 4G to LTE and from LTE to the next gen? Are the telcos ready for the big change?

The Race Toward 5G

In and of itself, 5G represents an entirely new generation of telecommunications technology.

Enterprise 5G: Powering Connected Experience

A fireside chat with industry experts

Unlocking the Potential: 5 Strategies for Gen AI in Media and Communications

New technologies always come to market with almost as much uncertainty as hype.

Wipro Telecom Services: Innovating Telecom Industry with ai360

Wipro ai360 offers a full suite of AI capabilities to help telcos stay ahead of the curve.

Transforming Communication Services in an Era of Open Systems

Traditionally, the core network has always been proprietary to the OEM, deployed in-house, on-premise, and owned by telcos.


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Wipro Named Leader for Managed Network Services by Gartner

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Wipro FullStride Cloud Analyst Accolades

Wipro Identified as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens 2022

Wipro Positioned as Leader and Star Performer

Wipro Identifies as a Leader for the third consecutive year in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Network Services.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with 5G Solutions from Wipro

Transforming Communication Service Provider Solutions with GenAI Technology

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