Special Capco Report: Artificial Intelligence and Finance

Artificial intelligence is making a significant impact on the financial sector, and there is much more to come. This edition examines practical applications of AI across our industry, including banking and fintechs, asset management, investment advice, credit rating, software development and financial ecosystems.

Unique Ways Smart Cities can Advance Health Equity

As new technologies remake cities around the world, the most impactful and equitable will have three core ingredients: data, connectivity, and collaboration. This emerging tech also presents many opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Is There a Future of Work with AI?

Amid increasing anxiety about job displacement and rigid automation, one thing is certain: the future of work will be transformed by AI. Now is the time to start cultivating an AI-ready workforce of the future, whether its future is hybrid, remote, in-person or freelance co-working.

Transforming Healthcare with GenAI

A healthcare industry leader wanted to harness the power of GenAI to drive growth, innovation, and transformation. Its challenge was to achieve these goals while maintaining strict regulatory compliance. Learn how they took their first bold steps into an AI-fueled future.

Recognition and Expertise

With decades of industry experience, hundreds of Leader rankings and analyst accolades, and a heritage of building enterprise-grade technology solutions, Wipro Consulting helps clients drive business transformation through an increasingly complex tech landscapeand build resilient, next-generation operating models.

 Envision and achieve. That's the hallmark and promise of Wipro Consulting.

Data Analytics Transform the Airport Experience

Enhancing the passenger experience has become a top priority for busy airports around the world seeking to increase non-aero revenue. They key is finding ways to leverage vast amounts of underutilized data to create personalized offerings that redefine travelers' relationship with the airport.

An Interview with the Co-Founders of FemTech Lab

The latest Designit interview reinforces that innovation doesn't happen inside a computer, but inside our minds and imagination. But the pressure to adapt quickly to market changes makes it difficult to focus on the right types of innovation, which presents both opportunities and challenges.  

Global Insurance Survey 2023

Capco's research sheds light on the role of data and personalization as insurers map their optimal path forward. The insights and recommendations gleaned from input by 13,750 respondents can help insurers navigate an increasingly digitized and competitive marketplace.

Championing the Chatbot

Chatbots and other virtual assistants will soon be much more ubiquitous across the employee experience. Change management will de-risk their implementation and promote broader acceptance.

Decarbonize and Grow

Carbon-reduction initiatives are expanding in scope and will inevitably evolve further in the future. While decarbonizing the value chain may seem like a burden, viewed through the proper lense and strategic vision, it can bring exciting opportunities for new business models and growth.

Turning Energy Retailers into Customer-Centric Brands

As oil and gas retailers consider the renewables dominated future, an enhanced customer experience will be key to attracting retail fuel customers, building new revenue streams, and preserving market share.

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