Wipro and NVIDIA partner to meet the business and technology needs of customers in the healthcare, automotive and telecom industries Together we are building solutions to automate the software development lifecycle and accelerate digital and business transformation. Our partnership covers everything from planning and design to implementation and project management of solutions that include NVIDIA products and technologies. 

Combining Wipro’s expertise and research in AI and large language models (LLM) with NVIDIA’s computing power and infrastructure, this partnership is paving the way for the next wave of healthcare solutions, including AI-driven strategies, products and services that are advancing generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) adoption.

NVIDIA’s AI competency allows Wipro to provide an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics containers and pre-trained models that make AI workflows in development and production faster, more efficient. Wipro optimizes, manages and certifies these models so they can be deployed anywhere — from the enterprise data center to the public cloud to the edge.   

Wipro engineers receive ongoing training on NVIDIA application frameworks in areas like GenAI, metaverse, conversational AI, and data analytics to ensure they’re always knowledgeable of the latest advancements and how to best translate that knowledge to clients.  

Joint Solutions

Wipro offerings that leverage NVIDIA platforms include an industry-leading billing and enrollment solution in the Medicare and ACA market segment, and provider and member services that leverage GenAI capabilities. Other offerings are designed to improve member experiences, increase enrollment, improve claims processing and provider data accuracy, and support claims adjudication across the healthcare industry.

The Wipro Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) Framework

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)


AI for Metaverse 

  • The Wipro Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) Framework
    Leverages the NVIDIA NeMo SDK and high-performance computing platforms to help enterprises realize the full benefits of GenAI, such as implementing responsible AI controls to address accuracy, performance, and transparency requirements.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
    Is an accelerator that extracts information from complex documents and automates business workflows. It uses the NVIDIA SDKs and computer infrastructure to build, test and deploy sophisticated computer vision and natural language processing algorithms at scale.
  • InspectAI
    Automates visual inspections. It also has capabilities for edge deployment, multi-modal models for real-time decisions based on diverse data feeds, and state-of-the-art 3D point cloud visualization.
  • AI for Metaverse 
    Leverages the NVIDIA Omniverse platform to create immersive AI-driven experiences. These realistic virtual environments allow businesses to reimagine the customer experience and connect with customers in new and exciting ways.    

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