August | 2020

Integrating the Ab Initio platform and providing contextualized, real-time insights across business units and functions for a telecommunications major

Client Background

Client: Indian multinational broadband and telecommunications provider; one of the largest operators in the region & in the world

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Telephone operator and mobile network provider

Areas of Operation: Asia, Africa


For one of the largest telcos in the Asia and Africa region, the analytics infrastructure was based on legacy and proprietary systems, which was providing canned reports with a day's lag. The delay in insights meant that the client incurred a high opportunity cost in the following areas:


  • Customer behaviour is dynamic, and it is imperative to communicate to the customer and trigger the right offer at the right time in the context of the present life cycle event (like usage milestones, recharge, lifecycle lifelines like anniversary etc.)
  • Accuracy was necessary in the target customer offering so that there are no rejections because of "offer fatigue"
  • Measurement of the effectiveness and lifecycle management of the offers to the customers with close looping was not possible

Revenue Assurance

  • Revenue assurance was running 3 days behind the current day
  • Essentially revenue assurance was a manual activity

Operational Reporting

  • Data quality issues threatening the usability of the reports
  • High cycle time for creating and maintaining operational reports
  • Timeliness of reports and insights was a challenge


To increase the velocity and to handle the timeliness of the business requirement, the Wipro team created an innovative solution following best-in-class methodology. The solution had the following key elements:

  • Real-time business requirements were met by Ab Initio, which provided a comprehensive framework for ingesting and processing 29 billion records per day
  • The state-of-the-art data storage and high-performance processing environment was realized with Cloudera
  • The active data for reporting and consumption was realized using Oracle Exadata.
  • The entire solution was built with high levels of observability and operational agility.
  • Integration with business processes and augmentation of Insights in the context of the business process to maximize operational efficiency was achieved through OracleBPM suite.

Business impact


The client was able to implement its largest campaign using the Wipro platform.

  • 300+ MN customers communicated per day - Campaign 6.5 MN subscriptions achieved
  • Idea to execution cycle for Campaign Management down to a few days from a month
  • 99.9% Segmentation Accuracy

Revenue Assurance

  • A detailed framework was created for matching the usage, recharge, payment, charging transaction, so that any revenue-impacting anomaly can be detected. It contained more than 1,100 revenue management operational controls at various levels
  • Once an anomaly was detected, it was investigated with the relevant data and root cause of the anomaly was identified
  • Once the anomaly or revenue leakage was identified, a quick action was triggered to rectify the erroneous scenario. This had a direct impact on the bottom line for the client

Operational Reporting

  • Operational reporting contained around 6,000 operational KPI
  • Near real-time reporting
  • High degree of operational automation

"The client’s vision was to win customers for life. As a market leader, the client wanted to embark on a journey of new transformation in order to digitize customer experience. The challenge was to process 29 billion records per day and provide contextualized insights in real-time. This was a massive transformation job for the client’s chosen system integrator - Wipro. The project needed not only the experience of having undertaken a large transformation program but also the understanding of all IT- Network systems, customer experience, and telecom business. Wipro helped integrate the Ab Initio platform to cater to different business units and functions. Wipro helped the customer traverse the entire data value chain to generate actionable insights. The project resulted in enhancing the customer journey significantly. The project even won many accolades and awards."

Vivek Bhagwatkar

General Manager, Communications BU, Wipro ltd