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In 2020, we at Wipro proudly celebrated seventy-five glorious years since our inception. In this time, we’ve come a long way — from a family-run vegetable oil manufacturer to a diversified global business and technology consulting leader.

Today, the Wipro brand is an embodiment of customer-centric excellence, drive for sustainability and outstanding corporate citizenship. Our innovative solutions, lasting partnerships and commitment to our communities have helped us become one of the largest, most trusted IT services companies in the world, with more than 250,000 employees in over 66 countries. And our lasting values, the Spirit of Wipro, continue to guide our actions, fuel our passion for customers and drive positive change in our world.

Thank you to all the customers, partners, employees, and well-wishers who have made the past seventy-five years of growth and success possible. We look forward to many years of building a more resilient future together with you.

Azim H. Premji
Founder Chairman

As the heart and mind that guided Wipro for fifty-three of its seventy-five years, Azim Premji grew Wipro into the global IT giant it is today, and transferred a majority of the ownership of the company to the Azim Premji Foundation, a philanthropy that works to serve some of the most disadvantaged populations in the world. Hear from our Founder Chairman on how his family’s values and tradition of giving back, inspired him in business and philanthropy.

75 Years – A Story of Transformation

Older than independent India, Wipro took its first breath in the aftermath of World War II in 1945. From a traditional, family-run business, it grew into a professional, diversified, global corporation, revered the world over for its integrity and purpose.
1945 - 1965
At only twenty-one, Mohamedhusain Hasham Premji took over his late father’s grain trade and expanded into manufacturing. His first project was an oil mill in the Indian heartland - Western India Vegetable Products.
Mohamedhusain’s wife, Dr Gulbanoo Premji, did not shy away from challenges, either. She took over as the Chairperson of Western India Vegetable Products, and worked to set up the Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital in Bombay. Later, she helped set up a cerebral palsy unit.
1966 - 1978
After the untimely death of Mohamedhusain at age 51, his son, Azim H. Premji was called home from college at Stanford to take over the management of the family business. Premji would move the business to a brand-oriented company, leaving behind its legacy as a commodity-based vegetable oil-maker.
Western India Vegetable Products was on the rise, moving from its cramped offices to a new building in the heart of Bombay. Soon afterwards, the company formally registered itself as Wipro. No longer would it be limited by its name.
1979 - 1990
In August 1979, Wipro recruited its first members of the Infotech division. Two months later, Wipro applied for a license to develop, manufacture and market minicomputers.
By 1989, Wipro had become a diversified manufacturer of computer systems, consumer products and industrial equipment, but as the 90s opened up, so did another transformation in Wipro’s story.
1991 - 2005
As the technology market grew around the world, Wipro dove deeply into IT services and partnerships with leading technology companies. In 1996, Wipro shifted its base to Bangalore, where our Headquarters remain today.
In 2000, Wipro grows to a one billion-dollar company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
2006 onwards
The growth and transformation of Wipro continued into the new millennium with major acquisitions, investments, and technological innovations. On July 31, 2019, Premji retired as the Executive Chairman of Wipro Limited.

‘Leading Wipro from 1966 till now has been the greatest privilege of my life. It has been an extraordinary journey — growing from being a small vegetable oil company to the diverse global business that we are today. It is the deep commitment and hard work of Wiproites across generations that has helped shape the organization of today,’ he wrote in his last letter.

In 2019, Rishad succeeded the senior Premji as the Chairman of Wipro Limited.
In April 2024, Srini Pallia took the reigns as CEO and Managing Director of Wipro. ‘‘Wipro is an iconic company, with a remarkable and proud history,’’ says Pallia. ‘‘Wipro’s steadfast dedication to both profit and purpose is both an inspiration and a driver of commitment for all the Wiproites around the world. Our deep-rooted values and collective commitment to success have allowed us to make a lasting impact on the world of technology and business for more than seven decades. They will also be critical in leading us into the new era of technological progress. As I take over the helm at this critical juncture in our industry, I am excited about the endless possibilities ahead.’’
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75th Anniversary