Wipro ai360

Wipro ai360 is helping enterprises capitalize on the true value of AI. With AI infused into every part of the ecosystem, we serve as a true orchestrator, helping enterprises soar into the future.

While AI is not new, companies are just beginning to realize the transformative abilities that AI has to offer when we combine human ingenuity with AI-powered technology. Speed at scale. Data-driven insights. Decisions with confidence. Ambitions realized.

Our team is made up of data scientists, data architects, business and domain specialists, visualization and design specialists, technologists, and application engineers.

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Wipro is a recognized leader in AI

Don't just take our word for it, IDC, Forrester, Avasant, Everest Group all agree.
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Connecting patients and healthcare providers

At Wipro, we’re paving the way to predictive, preventive, and personalized treatment in the fight against breast cancer.
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AI-powered medical research accelerator

At Wipro, we’re helping make clinical research data – better, faster, more efficient and more accurate. 

Responsible AI

Our 4 dimensions of responsible AI

Generative AI

Harnessing the power of generative AI

Inspect AI

Effective asset monitoring for asset-intensive enterprises

Enterprise IQ

Infusing AI to drive successful outcomes

AI Ethics Unleashed: “Navigating Gen AI for Responsible Business Transformation"

Join us for an evening devoted to exploring the untapped potential of generative AI.

GenAI on the cusp of disruption

ChatGPT’s astounding user growth has thrust Generative AI into the forefront, heralding it as the disruptive force of tomorrow, on par with cloud computing. Delve into the staggering investments, numerous startups, and the dynamic nature of Generative AI. Explore its impact on content creation, personalization, drug discovery, and software development, revolutionising industries and propelling us into a new era of boundless creativity.

Sustainable Technology

Technology both improves and harms environmental sustainability. It’s a double edged sword. While emerging technologies such as Al, loT, AR/ VR and others are being used to help achieve sustainability goals, these technologies when put into mainstream adoption will leave a hefty environmental footprint.

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