July | 2020

Simplified, predictive, and preventive analytics-based solution implemented to improve SLAs & lower operating expenditure while reducing the number of issues for the customer

Client Background

Client: Indian multinational broadband and telecommunications provider; one of the largest operators in the region & in the world

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Telephone operator and mobile network provider

Areas of Operation: Asia, Africa


One of the largest telcos in the Asia and Africa region was facing significant delays in ticket assignment till FLT, and its consequent resolution, as a result of delays in most of its processes. The elaborate and manual FLT process of the client was leading to delays before field resolution actions could be taken. Other challenges like having multiple channels for follow-up and hopping of tickets between field and L2 due to the involvement of multiple teams only compounded that delay. Furthermore, a lack of proactive monitoring of link performance indicators, inefficient fieldwork, and insufficient backend/technical support result in higher lead times and lack of a quality resolution of a field issue.


Wipro delivered a predictive & preventive analytics-based solution along with automation to significantly bring down the resolution time, minimizing manual efforts, and accelerating the process cycle, thus improving efficiency. Following are the key solutions delivered:

  • Partial automated backhaul planning
  • Tab-based field LOS survey
  • Proactive management of BTS down cases
  • Resolution of frequency interference issues
  • Customer visit for field issues
  • Field equipment installation for new circuits
  • Customer interface for FLT
  • Customer service teams
  • Field coordination activities for issue resolution
  • Issue closure & RFO activities
  • Real-time basis report generation from field

Business impact

The client was able to significantly improve its customer satisfaction with a substantial reduction in resolution time and improved quality of services. Following are the key milestones/business benefits that the client was able to provide to its customers:

  • Feasibility SLA improved from 4 days to 1 day
  • I&C SLA improved from 10 days to 3 days
  • Faster TTR >30%
  • Lower operating expenditure <25%
  • Lower number of issues <30%
  • Less complexity & simpler processes
  • Reduced field errors

"Enterprise connectivity is very crucial for the business. Business-critical applications are collaborated over connectivity across multiple locations. Even a downtime of few minutes was creating panic. At the time when Wipro took over the operations, it was being done manually and in a multi-vendor environment, a series of escalations were used to prompt reactive-based operations.

Team Wipro analyzed the issues & repeat issues and classified them using a priority-based approach. Automation-process candidates were identified and implemented. There was significant improvement in customer satisfaction as FLT came down considerably, and accuracy increased dramatically. Overall dependency on skill level reduced. Customer’s enterprise segment SLAs improved there by increasing in lowering the need of back-up line dependencies.

Significant enhancement in Customer Experience management was made possible due to team Wipro’s rich domain expertise. Wipro brought in key digital levers such as Alarm Correlation-Cross-domain correlation- Help to minimize complaint volume, Ticket Creation- Automated ticket creation- Response time improvement, Ticket Journey- E2E ticket journey is automated-MTTR improvement, Service Excellence-Chronic Issues detection, Knowledge base creation & fault rate improvements.

Further, Wipro’s team collaborated with the customer and customer OEM to set Automated Field Governance for ongoing operations."

Vivek Bhagwatkar

General Manager, Communications BU, Wipro ltd