Enhancing customer experiences has been a central focus of digital transformations in the telecommunications industry, and this has also been the key impetus behind innovations in business processes and achieving operational excellence.

Although digital initiatives to improve customer experiences are common throughout the industry, telcos still face the challenge of how to gain a holistic, all-encompassing view of how these initiatives are impacting customer experience across a company’s digital ecosystem – from network access to services consumption. The multipartner environment that prevails across major telco organizations further adds to the complexities and risks in realizing the benefits of the various initiatives.

Wipro’s 360-degree Customer Experience solution is focused on delivering three critical offerings that telcos need to help them achieve their customer experience goals:

  • We develop a catalog of KPI/KQIs harnessed from the multitude of data sources to address any services-related friction in a proactive way and calibrate customer experiences across both networks and services.
  • Our holistic observability framework is designed to optimize the telco’s existing investments while providing AI/ML tools that enable insights and auto-remediation capabilities throughout the company’s digital network.
  • We transform employees’ ways of working, allowing them to develop operational nimbleness by implementing automation platforms that enable zero-touch operations and data insights-driven business processes. With our expertise, clients can identify opportunities to unlock business value from customer interactions more effectively and eliminate areas of friction in the customer journey with increased agility.