The synergy of 5G and AI has the potential to transform nearly every industry. Generative AI will drive a seismic shift in the telecom transformation agenda. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, data-driven intelligence, improved IT services, and network connectivity will form the backbone of the GenAI-propelled customer experience. This convergence will be pivotal in building smart cities; revolutionizing industrial automation, telemedicine, and transportation; transforming industries and creating opportunities for innovative changes.

Wipro ai360 harnesses the full potential of AI to offer targeted solutions for the telecommunications industry, paving the way for further innovation across industries:

  • Network Optimization
    Reduce downtime with streamlined data transfers and AI-powered predictive analytics to anticipate network issues, ensure peak performance, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Customer Experience Transformation
    Elevate customer engagement and business performance with intelligent chatbots and recommendation engines.
  • Fraud Detection and Security
    Stay ahead of cyberthreats with strategic deployment of AI-led anomaly detection and proactive monitoring.
  • Operations Automation
    Drive operational efficiency and free up more time for critical tasks with strategic deployment of machine learning.  

Case Studies

Wipro ai360 for Telecommunications

Telco Leader slashes response time by 33% and detection time by 81% leveraging AI

A leading telecom service provider wanted to be more proactive identifying and addressing fault instances to minimize disruptions. Wipro’s solution used a predictive AI system to anticipate potential faults based on historical data and their underlying causes. Automated, zero-touch operations now detect faults before they manifest and also trigger proactive mitigation, reducing mean time to respond by 33% and mean time to detect by 81%.

Multi-national telco giant recovers lost revenue opportunities with AI, using anomaly detection and pattern mapping

An American multinational telecom company tapped Wipro to refine how customer usage data and billing records were being managed internally and throughout its partner’s system. Wipro conducted an in-depth analysis to identify anomalies and organize them into priority clusters, then used AI-driven pattern mapping to reveal potential problem areas and guide corrective action. The solution helped the client recoup lost revenue and increase controllability throughout its systems. These new AI capabilities will prevent anomalies in the future and support more reliable customer service that drives value for the business.

Wipro ai360 for Telecommunications

Wipro ai360 for Telecommunications

Global Telecom Leader automates claims processing saving $2 million annually with AI

A global telecommunications giant was evaluating approximately $26 million in claims  on an annual basis, processing a tremendous amount of information that was critical to customer service and business operations. Wipro implemented a single database for all the data required for decision-making. Big data technologies moved all data into a single scalable environment, while an interactive dashboard and AI-based predictive capabilities  streamlined the user experience. The solution completely automated data collection and calculation for purchase price variance (PPV) claims, eliminating manual errors and contributing to an estimated yearly savings of nearly $2 million.

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