September | 2020

Deploying a hybrid approach to address data security and privacy concerns resulted in significant cost reduction.

Client Background

Client: Norwegian multinational telecommunications and broadband provider -- one of the largest operators in the world

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Telephone operator and mobile network provider

Areas of Operation: Global


The AEP program was started for one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with the objective of realizing the client’s 2020 vision by putting requirements on the core analytics ecosystem to empower digital businesses. This initiative involves a Multi-OpCo Analytics Implementation by deploying next-generation BI stack on the cloud along with building common a Business Glossary for KPIs, dimensions, reporting, and self-service BI as well as bringing technology standardization across OpCos. Other factors included:

  • Traditional platforms were in place, which are good for structured and important data but do not cater to next -generation BI and analytics requirements.
  • Different technologies were in use across different countries, incurring higher than necessary TCO.
  • There was no common objective prior to the project – including no information sharing across OpCos.
  • The organization had no common governance.
  • Platforms across the organization were siloed.
  • Varying system integrators and implementation methodologies were in place.


Wipro suggested performing a pilot rollout involving two OpCos in Asia. A common data model was built across these OpCos so that reusability can be considered. A hybrid approach (On-Prem + Cloud) was also proposed to address data security and data privacy requirements. The proposed stack could be implemented On-Prem as well as On-Cloud. The implemented solution supports various types of data sources that can be deposited into a big data platform for faster analysis and real-time insights generation. Finally, the proposed solution supports APIfication to facilitate data monetization.

Business impact

  • Significant (50%) reduction of OpEx costs when compared to the old system
  • Significant time to market reduction for new products, services, and campaigns
  • Increase in sustainable competitive advantage using core analytical areas like
    • Contextual Marketing
    • Business Intelligence
    • Real-Time Analytics
  • Faster on-boarding of new OpCos via the new platform
  • Newly available visibility of business insight ideas across OpCos

"The AEP program was conceived to fulfil the Digital Service Provider vision that the customer had set to achieve by 2020. It was one of the top five strategic programs monitored at the highest levels across the group. Wipro engaged with customer since the inception of program and proactively helped the customer to shape the objectives. A highly complex project spanning across multiple countries with different technology landscapes, involving some very complex implementations using new age digital technologies. Wipro’s team stood up to the challenge and created a value proposition which was finally selected by the customer against the tough competition. A great example of teamwork involving multiple SL, domains, and alliances."

Deepanker Tilak

Senior Account Manager, Communications BU