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Wipro paves the way for predictive, preventive, and personalized care with GenAI.

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Unlock growth by orchestrating your cloud technologies with Wipro FullStride Cloud.

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Wipro Engineering Edge launches first-ever software marketplace for the automotive industry.

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How small action can yield outsized sustainability results.

Wipro in China

Delivering transformation at speed and scale in China As the fastest growing economy in the global market, China’s increased focus on digitization is supported by the central objective to restructure value chain, improve productivity, innovation and international competitiveness for its enterprises. China attracts both technology and talent in consumer, retail, automotive and mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics industries to spur growth and enable rapid commercialization of digital business models on a large scale. Chinese corporations have used this opportunity to embrace new talent and technologies to differentiate their offerings and carve their own niche in the highly competitive Chinese and global markets. This led them to seek out technology partners who could bring them substantial value in the form of outcome centric approach and differentiation, while delivering maximum business impact. In this context, Wipro provided its expertise in digital and technological transformation, thereby enabling Chinese corporations to achieve their maximum potential.

Our presence

Wipro has been present in China since 2004. With more than 3,000 employees and with an investment of over USD 40 Mn, our presence in China is stronger than ever. Wipro currently provides its services through 8 entities that are focused on manufacturing, sales and delivery.

Fortunate's Journey.
When Wipro Africa provided the initial capital for "Fortunate for the Women," we knew we were backing someone special.

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