September | 2019

Client’s QA process was made faster, flexible, and digital ready for the faster idea to market cycle.

Client Background

Client: The client is a provider of broadband, landline and mobile telecommunication services in Germany. Second largest mobile service provider post several acquisitions.

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Telephone operator and mobile network provider

Areas of operation: Germany


Customer had release testing cycle of 2months with minimal test automation, which meant it took> 4 months (2 month dev + 2 month testing) for a requirement from inception stage to production release. Such a long time to market was unaffordable and there was an immediate need to cut it short and move towards an Agile and DevOps ready QA organization.


Wipro engaged with the client to reduce the QA cycle time by applying various levers and innovations, bringing down the execution time from 6 weeks to 3 weeks for the operational topics. The levers included adoption of new toolsets to improve progressive automation coverage to 55% and regression to 80%, introducing service virtualization and early integration to identify defects early in the cycle along with consulting and implementation of DevOps tool chains.

Business impact

The new model resulted in a lower cycle time for idea to market and cost savings in the range of 30% along with the foundation layer ready for a complete digital DevOps ready QA organization.

“Wipro has been the IT QA partner for more than 10 years and continues to evolve and adopt new digital models of agile, DevOps, progressive test automation.  This has built a robust foundation for a digital, future-ready enterprise. As a consequence, today  the client looks up to Wipro as the consulting partner from whom they can expect the best talent, tools and processes from across the industry.” 

Bhawani Shankar

Vice President, Europe & Growth Markets, Communications Business Unit, Wipro