Wipro, GM, and Magna are teaming up to revolutionize the automotive software sourcing
and procurement process with a joint investment in SDVerse.

SDVerse: A first-ever software marketplace creating an independent, industry-driven one-stop-shop
for connected vehicle systems software.

Wherever there’s an extraordinary solution or achievement,
a Wipro engineer has likely been involved.

We thrive on the edge
of ambition and change

Ready for tomorrow? It’s not impossible. It’s 5G.

The connected world needs 5G to keep up with business demands and market dynamics. As a 5G pioneer, Wipro helps enterprises leverage ecosystem-led platforms to unlock their ambitions.

Fueled by the cloud. Driven by safety.

Modern vehicles are supercomputers on wheels. With our Cloud Car ecosystem and expertise spanning silicon to software, Wipro enables automotive leaders to drive innovation as well as safety.

From assets to ops, the intelligent future requires 4.0.

Our dedicated Industry 4.0 practice designs and builds connected solutions that transform organizations and make enterprises more intelligent, resilient, and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Ever wonder how the digital world stays one step ahead?

Sure, it’s ones and zeroes – and a lot more. From design and firmware to systems and software, we help clients remain agile, competitive, and lead their industry into new frontiers.

“Wipro has a rich engineering heritage and is among the top global leaders in the ER&D space. Its strong delivery muscle and expansive global presence have helped it anchor its 12th consecutive feature in the leadership zone in the 2021 ER&D Zinnov Zones ratings.”
Sidhant Rastogi, Managing Partner & Global Head, Zinnov

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