They can - and we do.

That's why Wipro is committing to contribute to planetary Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions targets by reducing its emissions to zero by 2040 and a 55% reduction by 2030.

Wipro is passionate about the triple
bottom line, aligning our business
mandate with an ethical responsibility.

Our drive for sustainability has been lauded worldwide.
We are proud of this recognition, but we understand
that – together – we can do even more.

Partner with us. Together, we can
forge a more-sustainable future.

Assessment and Sustainability Reporting

Today’s consumers, investors and stakeholders are increasingly evaluating how companies measure, manage and report sustainability progress. Wipro can help create sustainability solutions that enable companies to monitor and report their environmental and social impact while reducing their organization’s carbon footprint.

Circularity and Transition to a Sustainable Future

With decades of experience as a sustainability leader, Wipro helps companies identify ways to reduce waste, preserve resources, and shrink their overall carbon footprint, enabling them to transform to a sustainable future.

Operational Risk Management

Ecological issues, from resource limits to severe weather, impact companies like never before. How can enterprises prepare to navigate these challenges? Wipro helps organizations develop and implement customized operational risk-management strategies.


Carbon emissions make up the largest part of humanity’s overall ecological footprint and are responsible for the planet’s greatest challenges. Wipro’s holistic approach can help companies create a net-zero emissions roadmap and strategy.

Energy Management

Energy management helps businesses objectively assess, monitor and improve their environmental and social impact in operations and corporate governance. Wipro can help businesses benchmark their operations, identify energy-efficiency opportunities, and create systems for energy-data management and energy monitoring to help improve processes.

Environmental Data Management

As the markets demand more sustainability transparency and move toward standardized environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting, it is crucial for companies to maintain comprehensive data management. Wipro offers implementation, system integration and support for a variety of environmental remediation and compliance activities.

All Roads Lead to Net Zero.

As a founding member of Transform to Net Zero,
Wipro is committed to contribute to the planetary zero carbon
emissions journey by making sustainability
the core of our business model today.
We can help your company do the same.

is helping businesses purpose


Klimabrølet sought to inspire citizens into taking action on sustainability and climate change.

BMW & Moovster

Mobility-as-a-service for citizens of smart cities and in the workplace.

Scandinavian Airlines

Reimagining the whole onboard food and beverage experience with users at the center.


A smart home app which provides users with a clear understanding of their electricity consumption.

Social good is in our DNA.
We believe in sustainability
for the health of our planet,
its inhabitants & our business.

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