October | 2021

In Indonesia, Telkomsel is currently the largest cellular operator. Operating with a customer base of more than 170 million, Telkomsel has implemented the latest mobile technology and commercially launched 5G mobile services in Indonesia for the first time. Entering the digital era, Telkomsel expands its digital business, including digital advertising, digital lifestyle, mobile financial services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Telkomsel leverages the MyTelkomsel app and the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Veronika to serve its customers' needs and operates a 24-hour call center and GraPARI services spread across Indonesia.

Bharat Alva



The new campaign management solution has ushered in new capabilities for real-time personalized campaigns, with multistage, multichannel capabilities, and a substantially larger campaign scale

According to the predictions of IDC's 2021 CIO FutureScape, by 2025, 80% of CIOs alongside the line of businesses (LOBs) will have enabled intelligent capabilities to sense, learn, and predict changing customer behaviors, to drive engagement, loyalty, and an exclusive customer experience.

Customer experience initiatives are increasingly driving carrier investments in the region, and Telkomsel has been actively digitizing how it serves/targets its customers. This Wipro-sponsored IDC Customer Spotlight examines Telkomsel's journey to contextualize marketing campaigns for its subscribers by implementing the Wipro Customer Campaign Management solution.

The primary goal of training the CMS system was to improve campaign delivery across Telkomsel's customer population to better serve the entire customer base. This milestone was critical in gaining the trust of business leaders in the model's predictions. To learn more, download the report.

Telkomsel, with Wipro’s expertise, has achieved a major milestone in its journey to contextualize marketing campaigns for its subscribers. Telkomsel is now able to provide multistage campaigns, dynamic segmentation, and dynamic offers to its subscribers in near real time, enhancing the subscriber experience and providing services that are contextual to the individual.