Leading Brazil Towards a Digital Future

With great growth potential, Brazil is shaping its digital transformation journey by the need of accelerated innovation, agility and sustainability. Brazilian companies are migrating from legacy systems to a digital-first world while prioritizing factors such as cost optimization, scalability, and enhanced customer experience.

Wipro’s technology experts are helping organizations in Brazil achieve their business goals by integrating tailored digital solutions including software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud, legacy system upgrades, digital infrastructure, BPO, mobile network management, and agile technology. We are the partner of choice for organizations that are looking to re-allocate technology spends across traditional and business-driven IT, and increase efficiency, agility and scalability throughout the existing technology landscape.

Wipro is certified by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer 2022 in Brazil.

Wipro in Cloud

Cloud transformation, the easy way

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services combine industry-leading cloud solutions with a high-touch, business-first approach to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Wipro is a top partner to leading cloud providers, and is recognized by analysts for our extensive certifications, awards, and stellar client engagements.



Dynamic disruptions and evolving digital technologies addressed with Wipro’s strong expertise in banking and technology

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Digital transformation aimed at delivering enhanced customer experience enabled by big data and analytical insights.

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Public Sector

Wipro’s Public Sector practice provides governments the means to engage citizens, government agencies.

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Natural Resources

Use digital technologies, analytics, automation and process re-engineering to tap the potential for productivity improvement

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Oil & Gas

Gain control over an uncertain future by leveraging innovative technology with flexible business models

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Supply chains are a critical component in this era of disruption, and mastering supply chain

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What We Think

Empowering a Sustainable Future

Wipro is proud to commit to achieving Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2040. We believe that now is a time for bold action to decrease climate change across the globe and feel compelled.

Diversity and Inclusion

With socio-cultural integration at the core of our business practices, Wipro is committed to maintaining a positive and accessible work environment for everyone.

Wipro to Announce Wipro AWS Launch Pad Co-Innovation Space

Designed to accelerate innovation, Wipro AWS Launch Pad is ideal for customers looking to turbocharge their success.

Modernização de TI, metodologias comprovadas e talento ajudam a transformar os modelos de negócios e operacionais

A agenda dos executivos mudou e a prioridade agora é inovação sendo ela a característica principal em trazer um mix digital que ajuda a criar melhores experiências para o cliente.

Wipro Brazil Careers

Join Wipro Brazil to accelerate your career and enjoy a host of benefits.

Local presence

We began our journey in 2006 after acquiring Enabler, a Portugal-based consulting firm with a delivery center in Curitiba, Brazil. In 2017, we acquired InfoSERVER, an IT service provider focused on personalized application development and software deployment services. Wipro’s commitment to Brazil grew with the IVIA acquisition in 2020, establishing a footprint in the Northeast and increasing our delivery capabilities.

Today, we bring cutting-edge technology to more than 60 global and local customers, supported by five modern offices and delivery centers, all secure and protected by our cybersecurity defense center.

Investing in the future of Brazil’s technology has been Wipro’s commitment for more than 16 years. Wipro is a company with people at the heart of the strategy, which translates into a solid foundation shaped around values and the commitment to diversity, social interests, and environmental responsibility. In Brazil, our ambition is to create a future that belongs to everyone and is for everyone, which inspires Wipro to simplify and expedite business transformation journeys with the best strategy, design, technology, and people for our customers
Wagner Jesus
Country Head Brazil, Wipro Limited

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