Welcome to Wipro's Innovation Lab

Lab45 is a visionary space developing ground-breaking solutions to foster and accelerate ideation throughout Wipro.

At Lab45, teams of engineers, research analysts, and scientists come together to infuse creative ways of incubating solutions for customers that will transform the future. It is a space filled with ambition at the vanguard of far-reaching research across cutting-edge technologies.

Established with the Silicon Valley culture of free-flowing creativity, Lab45’s goal is to make bold ideas reality and to invent the future of enterprise. So come, collaborate and see what happens when ideas are left unbound.

The Art of the Possible.

Topcoder delivered stunning design concepts to Booz Allen Hamiliton and the U.S. Navy.

Finding Unknown Comets.

Topcoders created innovative algorithms to detect very faint comets for NASA.

"Technologists are like artists and we are fostering a culture of creativity."

Subha Tatavarti Chief Technology Officer


Realize your ambitions with Lab45.  


Realize your ambitions with Lab45.  

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