Pega provides a powerful low-code platform that empowers the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change®. Clients use Pega AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges – from personalizing engagement to automating service to streamlining operations.  

Wipro has more than 12 years of strong partnership with Pega. Wipro is a Specialized – Intelligent Automation (Americas, Asia Pacific), Robotic Automation (Americas), Manufacturing (Americas, EMEA), Government (Asia Pacific, EMEA), Financial Services (Americas, EMEA), and Globally Authorized Partner (Authorized regions – Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, India).

Value Proposition for Clients

Wipro provides end-to-end services, including Advisory Consulting, Implementation, and Managed Services for all Pega's products, including Customer Service, Intelligent Automation, and 1-1 hyper personalization using Customer Decision Hub across verticals and geographies.

Awards and Accreditations

Wipro is awarded the "Client Innovation Award for Customer Service" in 2023. This recognition holds immense value as it aligns with one of Pega's three GTM engagement strategies, and Wipro is the only recipient of this recognition for Customer Service this year. 


PEGA’s Trust

“At Pega, we could not be prouder of our partnership with Corrections Victoria and WIPRO. This is a transformational project and persistence, and patience have resulted in one of the best-Case Management solutions I have ever seen.”  Luke McCormack former Regional Vice President - Pega APAC”

Analyst’s Rating 

Wipro Digital is a leader in Digital business services, and our strategy is to realize the digital-first approach through the pillars of business transformation, modernization, connected intelligence, and trust underpinned by a design-led human-centric approach to transformation, talent strategy, high-performance engineering, and IP/Platforms/Open innovations. 

Wipro brings a unique blend of Experience Led (through our subsidiary firms – DesignIt and Cooper), Domain Led (through Wipro’s proven deep domain expertise in various verticals), and Technology Led (through Pega’s technology capabilities, Wipro’s proven expertise using Pega and our long-standing strategic partnership) digital transformation for our clients at Global Scale. 


Our Solutions:

Experience of the future

Everything stats with experience - Connected, intelligent, and seamless experience 

Leverage Wipro Ips to provide the future multichannel experiences which allows the customers to interact with the brand in the medium of their choice (physical, digital, and virtual) and the brand to respond contextually at the moment with immersive experience design, multi-experience and conversational AI. With offerings such as AI powered workflow automation, streamlined work aggregation, and production-centric UX layer, it allows the employees to interact with the applications from a single pane to respond faster, with ML models and AI helping to analyze processes, providing actionable insights on how processes can be automated. 

Digital Prescriptive Maintenance

IoT-based predictive maintenance solution to improve customer experience while increasing cross-sell and upsell with personalized offers to customers 

Wipro's Digital Prescriptive Maintenance solution integrates analytics and data from real-time asset-monitoring and remote-management solutions with Pega's industry-leading Dynamic Case Management, CRM, and Decision Hub capabilities. This combined resource recommends the proper actions for asset maintenance, enabling improved asset management and collaboration and leveraging real-time asset health and performance data from an advanced IoT platform. Using this system, clients gain assistance in the periodic refresh of recommendations and can proactively prescribe the following best action for asset maintenance. 

Cognitive Claims Automation

Expedite claim settlements with Wipro’s cognitive platforms and Pega 

This automated solution combines Wipro's cognitive platform with Pega for an enhanced customer experience, reduced leakage, and improved claim-settlement times. It leverages state-of-the-art Pega process orchestration and Wipro's industry-leading AI, analytics, IoT, and Blockchain solutions, driving significant cost savings and slashing processing time. 

Parole Decision Management 

Intelligent parole helps authorities make the proper decisions for a safer community 

This fully automated digital solution leverages a re-imagined process to eliminate the risk of incorrect parole decisions and provides a robust auditing capability with a 360-degree view of offenders. Structured automated checklists and intelligent forms further streamline the process to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of parole decisions and related operations. 

Wipro Integrated Parole Management System Improves Parole Operations Efficiency

 Case Studies

Guest experience transformation drives brand value and revenue

Like most Detroit automakers, our customer had traditionally let dealers manage the end-user experience.

Remote Services – Pickup Delivery

Customers of this Detroit automaker had trouble visiting dealers for minor repairs, so brand loyalty and customer satisfaction were low.

Experience Transformation – Test drive scheduling

This US automaker needed a system to let potential customers in Europe book a test drive, but their dealer experiences were disjointed, which led to inconsistent customer experiences.

Driving operations through AI predictions & insights

This customer is a government entity charged with administering and maintaining infrastructure and roads for every city, town, and village in a Middle Eastern country.

National Water Management System

Our customer was a government-owned corporation responsible for meeting the water needs of an entire province, operating its river systems and dams, and supplying bulk water to a city of over 5 million people.

End to end support for Pega applications

This customer, a global managed healthcare and insurance company, needed global 24/7 support and maintenance for four critical applications on Pega.

AI driven business systems support

Our customer is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies. It has diverse rig fleets that meet a range of customer needs, but it lacked a way to track and monitor tickets and cases across its lines of business. HR needed to enable tracking and monitoring for tickets raised by employees.

B2B Next Best Offer Platform

Our customer, a huge US mobile services provider, achieve revenue and profitability goals so it adopted a strategy of improving the experience that they offer business customers.


Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Service

Impact decisions across domains

Network Deployment Tools | Automated Network Deployment

Automate network deployment for seamless roll out, upgrade and decommissioning

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Wipro Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Leverage AI-driven decisions to dramatically elevate business performance Automated solutions for contextual insights and superior customer value

Business Process Management System | Business Rules Management System

Expedite Pega deployment and upgrades to meet business goals

Cognitive Platform | Cognitive Claims Automation

Enable smarter, faster and more efficient claims processing

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