Wipro and VMware alliance delivers advanced enterprise solutions that span across all facets of Cloud, Data center and Edge. The joint solutions address applications, infrastructure, and end users to enhance Business Agility, Improve Customer Experience, Boost productivity, while Strengthening enterprise security. This strategic alliance supercharges enterprise capabilities with scalable hybrid IT and Increased Mobility, thus accelerating our clients’ digital transformation journey.  

Together Wipro and VMWare offer various services across Cloud Infrastructure, Management, Apps, and Security to help customers to move more workloads to the Cloud. 

Partner Level

Principal VMware partner for +25-years

Partner Status

Master Services Competency [MSC] Partner and is a design partner for Tanzu portfolio.


The only partner for Tanzu recognized globally for end-to-end Application modernization 

Wipro VMware Partnership Specialization

Specialized competencies

  • Cloud: Explore Wipro's Boundaryless Enterprise (BLE) - Hybrid Cloud Solution, integrating VMware and Google Cloud, Azure VMware Solution, and AWS Hybrid Cloud.
  • End-User Compute: Experience intelligent workspaces with Live Workspace™ and efficient app delivery through Wipro virtuadesk™.
  • App Modernization: Unlock the potential of Wipro's FullStride Boundaryless Container Platform for full-stack app modernization.
  • Tanzu Partnership: Explore the collaboration between VMware Tanzu and Wipro, bringing startup velocity and agility to enterprises. With over 700 technology professionals, Wipro accelerates transformation, ensuring a smooth journey for global enterprises.




Wipro FullStride BoundaryLess Enterprise (BLE)
Powered by VMware Cross-Cloud Portfolio

Multi-cloud self-service designed to deliver any application on any device.

Wipro FullStride BoundaryLess Container Platform
Powered by Tanzu Product Portfolio

A full-stack app modernization service.

Wipro FullStride BoundaryLess Universal Edge
Powered by VMware Telco Cloud

Cloud smart vendor-neutral telco network orchestration to enable time-to-market for innovative services at the edge.

Live Workspace 
Powered by VMware Workspace ONE

An intelligent, collaborative workspace that provides access to apps and data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Powered by Horizon View

App and desktop delivery to empower the workforce with outstanding user experience.

WAN Freedom
Powered by VeloCloud

WAN Virtualization at a reduced cost to pave the way for digital innovation.

Multi-Cloud Adoption Program

The service that helps large businesses achieve their goals using multiple cloud platforms. The FullStride Cloud Studio is a part of this program that guides and speeds up the process of multi-cloud adoption

Case Studies


Migrating thousands of VMs seamlessly to Google Cloud with Wipro's FullStride Cloud Services platform.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Tanzu

Discover how Wipro's Tanzu-powered solutions have transformed businesses, delivering Realizing efficiency, Agility, and Improved Customer Experience.

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