Cloud Innovation


Cloud Innovation


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DesignIt Strategic Design

Innovation starts with a vision. Our Strategic Design services will co-create the vision of the future you want, whether it be experience-led for employees and customers or performance-led for operations and partners.

BuildIt Engineering

BuildIt a specialized engineering and experimentation consultancy, without preconceived outcomes or solutions, allowing new ideas each time.

EngineeringNXT Product Consulting

Our product consulting team combines market analysis, industrial design and benchmarking to help you investigate, identify and define market-winning products and services.

Digital Strategy

Wipro’s Digital Strategy helps you dream and deliver human-shaped experiences at the intersection of strategy, design and technology.


Topcoder is a talent pool of more than 1.5 million experts across innovation for the CTO, CDO, marketing director, data scientist and more.

Cloud Conversations

Engage with our  cloud experts as they share insights on new technologies, innovation and game-changing solutions that are driving the more intelligent, hyperconnected cloud.