Wipro and IBM have been fueling innovation through our 20+ year partnership helping leading enterprises leverage our unparalleled expertise and proven success in addressing their complex business challenges. Combining the power of IBM's best-in-class platforms and Red Hat's open-source technologies, Wipro and IBM have been collaborating on groundbreaking solutions in AI, analytics, cloud, security, IoT, and more.

As a business leader, Wipro and IBM bring you leading enterprise solutions across the multiple digital environments whether on prem or in the cloud whether private, hybrid or multi.  Partnering with you to determine how to best position your enterprise for success and most responsibly manage transformational technology investment.  These solutions extend to embracing the power of AI with Wipro to leverage pre-built, industry-specific AI models for areas like predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and customer churn analysis. We manage the entire AI journey, from ideation and development to deployment and optimization, ensuring seamless integration and ROI.

Harness the power of IBM Watson, tapping into its full potential for cognitive computing, machine learning, and natural language processing. Collaborate with IBM researchers and developers in dedicated AI innovation labs to push the boundaries of AI technology and explore cutting-edge applications. Utilize IBM's comprehensive suite of AI tools and frameworks, including AutoML and Cloud Pak for Data, to accelerate your AI initiatives.

Unleash Unprecedented Advantages

Wipro and IBM empower you to become an AI leader, unlocking exponential growth and innovation through cutting-edge technologies. On this transformative journey, we take you towards a future driven by intelligent solutions.

Partner Status

Platinum Business Partner.


Helping enterprises address their complex business challenges through 20+ years of partnership.

Partner Awards

IBM Partner Plus Award 2024 – Sustainability

Wipro IBM Partnership Competencies

Wipro IBM Cloud Practice

Wipro IBM Cloud Practice

Our Solutions

Wipro SLICE 

Suite of innovative hybrid multicloud management and optimization solutions across public-cloud & private cloud environments. Increase visibility, maximize resources, manage utilization and reduce cloud costs 

Wipro’s Enterprise AI Ready Platform

Facilitating the integration and connection of diverse data sources and systems to accelerate the development and implementation of AI/Gen AI across enterprises.

Wipro IBM Novus Lounge

Delivering exceptional experiences with Wipro & IBM Cloud.

BLUE powered by IBM Edge Application Manager

Intelligent EDGE application lifecycle management.

Red Hat Alliance

Charting unprecedented growth through the years.

Storage Modernization

Streamline your operations in a single platform.

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