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Health and Life Sciences (HLS) companies are poised to deliver unprecedented advances in patient outcomes, including personalized medicines, on demand drug production, and powerful new genetics-based and AI-derived treatments. 

At the same time, they face a global operating environment of increasing complexity and challenge. Product lifestyles span multiple and very different ecosystems, for basic chemical manufacture, to pharmaceutical production, to patient-facing therapies. Over the decade or more it can take to bring a ne treatment to market, companies must carefully manage costs, maintain quality control, and protect IP and data security while navigating the arrival of new technologies and new market entrants. The sector is also highly-regulated and non-compliance at any stage can be reputationally and financially ruinous.

To manage these pressures and make the most of rapidly-emerging scientific and technical advances, HLS leaders are adopting industry-specific cloud solutions. These are enabling faster and more efficient operations that are speeding the production of both novel and existing treatments and lowering the costs of production while meeting heavy regulatory demands.

About Collaborative Care Platform

Modern drug regimens can be dauntingly complex, with specific dosage and timing requirements that might need to be recalibrated multiple times depending on a patient’s response. 

Wipro’s Collaborative Care Platform (CCP) leverages mobility and online connectivity to connect patients, their healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies to maximize the chances of a successful therapeutic outcome.

Designed in partnership with experts in human-centered design and featuring both pre-built accelerators for importing data from a wide range of external medical devices and plug-in modules for managing medical schedules and medical information, CCP platform solutions address a broad range of treatment challenges. These include remote monitoring and communication, regimen management, and easing the recruitment of new patients into clinical trials.

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

Key Benefits for Collaborative
Care Platform

Solutions built on Wipro’s CCP platform are measurably enhancing the patient experience through improved engagement, better progress tracking, and strengthened care support. This both optimizes patient outcomes and raises the level of care that healthcare providers are able to offer.

For pharmaceutical companies, the combination of increased compliance and improved patient outcomes makes their treatments more attractive to public and private healthcare providers and has a significant reputational/brand impact. In addition, with patient recruitment accounting for up to 30% of drug development budgets, CCP solutions are helping companies find trial participants faster, saving on recruitment costs and allowing them to bring new drugs to market faster.

About Smart Labs/Smart LapOps

Laboratories are at the heart of the HLS value chain, playing an essential role in drug discovery and in fulfilling downstream testing and quality control functions. But as both drug development and production rely on ever more complex technologies, and as regulatory demands evolve to match, lab operators face multiple challenges. These include process inefficiencies, data fragmentation, shifting regulations, and legacy manual tasks that are hard to automate.

Wipro’s Smart LabOps platform is a cloud-based solution designed to offer the advanced functionality companies want for their labs of the future, including common systems and device interfaces, data and workflow management, data integration, and decision intelligence. Built in partnership with best-in-class solution providers, the platform includes a custom built LabOps Toolkit for functions such as predictive analytics and anomaly detection to prevent Instrument downtime, a voice assistant to improve workflows, and AI-enhanced inventory management and record review.

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

Key Benefits for Smart Labs/
Smart LabOps

Wipro Smart LabOps customers report reduced lab errors and disruptions, improvements in automation, and faster-running processes, all resulting in increased productivity. That drives down operating costs and allows novel therapies to be introduced to the patients that need them faster.

Each Smart LabOps engagement targets the specific requirements of the particular lab owner and includes a design consultation. Uniquely among HLS service integrators, Wipro also operates its own life sciences lab, allowing us to develop and deploy innovative new lab methodologies and apply cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML to HLS-specific data in fast-evolving areas such as pharmaceutical impurity testing and genomic analysis.  

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

Why Wipro.

As HLS providers look to adopt cloud solutions that bring new levels of efficiency, speed, and innovation to their operations, Wipro FullStride Cloud is helping them develop targeted, trusted, scalable solutions like Smart LabOps and the Collaborative Care Platform that successfully address their present and future needs.

Our long experience in the sector—including HLS partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and AWS—affords us a deep understanding of existing and emerging HLS value chains, a broad network of best-in-class partners, and an unparalleled range of domain, regulatory, data, and cloud competencies upon which to draw. 

Learn more about working with Wipro FullStride Cloud to embark on a future-facing transformation through powerful and cost-effective HLS industry cloud solutions.

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