Asset light with DC exit

Asset light with DC exit services enable businesses to leverage “pay as you scale” or “save while you scale down” features, providing flexibility in delivering business value without the constraints of legacy technologies.

Cloud optimization with FinOps

FinOps services play a vital role in facilitating the cloud transformation lifecycle, enabling a cost-conscious culture for cloud expenditures versus business value for specific products, applications, and services. 

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Cybersecurity & Risk

Protect digital transformation innovations and data with cybersecurity solutions built on our end-to-end cloud resilience capabilities that scale with your needs through solutions, platforms, and expertise. 

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Agile operations, SRE operations & disaster recovery

Organizations can scale up their cloud-hosted SaaS services, reduce costs, and create system resiliency with fully automated service monitoring, deployment, and upgraded flows.  Organizations can design and implement monitoring services, performance evaluations, and blueprints for release engineering, configuration engineering, and performance engineering. 

Enterprises can also adopt a single-pane-of-glass console to connect, secure, back up, recover, manage and control enterprise-wide data.

Public cloud operations with the EDOC platform

The Enterprise Digital Operations Center (EDOC) enables enterprises to manage multicloud environments with a 360-degree view of service availability, efficiency, agility, and resiliency to expand their cloud portfolio. 

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Hybrid IT operations

Maximize IT capabilities and improve business outcomes with our integrated hybrid cloud systems, which allow enterprises to benefit from on-premises core systems as well as private cloud and public cloud environments. Maintain a positive return on investment (ROI) through the expedited delivery of value without compromising the security of mission-critical data and workloads by utilizing the optimal combination of cloud computing services.


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