Cloud solutions have become the bedrock of modern IT ecosystems, laying the foundation for greater flexibility, adaptability and innovation. Advanced technologies like AI, machine learning and data analytics require advanced and mature cloud capabilities. 

Wipro’s FullStride Cloud Operations leverage Wipro’s automated, full-stack operations across public and private clouds to maximize value and efficiency. 

Offering next-gen managed services across the full cloud lifecycle, Wipro’s FullStride Cloud Operations enable seamless integration of public services (IaaS, PaaS) with cloud-native services, DevOps, microservices, containers, data protection, and more.

Wipro combines industry and technology knowledge with AI solutions and predictive analytics to help clients strengthen their cloud strategies, adapt to market trends and industry demands, innovate products and services, and achieve greater agility and resiliency.

Wipro has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate generative AI into its entire suite of capabilities, IP and solutions. With this expanded partnership, Wipro delivers powerful AI solutions that help enterprises tackle unique industry challenges, enhance customer experiences, improve supply chain performance, and ensure sustainability. Additionally, Wipro’s AIOps supports predictive and preventative IT operations while enhancing self-governance and orchestration throughout the business.   

Our Offerings

Full Stack Observability

Automate monitoring of IT systems and services with AIOps and next-gen IT operations. 

Cloud Governance

Enhance security response and mitigation with dynamic monitoring and data-driven recommendations. 

Operations Management

Leverage advanced technologies and expert support services for elevated cloud operations.

Cloud Financial Management

Optimize cloud costs and maximize ROI with data-driven strategies.

Enterprise Digital Operations Center (EDOC)

Empowers organizations to harness the maximum potential of cloud by managing the hybrid cloud services to deliver efficiency, mitigate risks and ensure maximum availability, in a cost-efficient manner.

Operations Transformation with Agile & SRE Approach

Help offer a set of services to enable our clients to improve reliability, scalability, and performance of their IT systems.

AI-Powered Cloud Operations

Enhance observability and controllability throughout the entire IT stack.

Wipro ServiceNXT™

Minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency with next-gen managed services. 

Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform

Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform Offers integration and connection of diverse data sources and systems within an organization.

The Quality Engineering Imperative in a Cloud Transformation

Preventing pitfalls through a well-designed quality engineering program. 

From Consumer to Value Creator, Unlocking the Power of Generative AI 

In this era of digital abundance, generative AI promises to be a transformative force.

Cloud Conversations

Engage with our cloud experts as they share insights on new technologies, innovation and game changing solutions that are driving the more intelligent, hyperconnected cloud

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