In today’s digital-first landscape and growing hybrid work environment, businesses need to adapt and be prepared to evolve to meet the organization and employee needs.  Creating a digital workplace empowers workers to be productive, resilient and healthy no matter where they work.   

Wipro Live Workspace™ is a portfolio of services designed to assist enterprises in constructing an inclusive, immersive future of work for every employee. Combining cognitive intelligence, zero-touch automation and a comprehensive data fabric, Wipro Live Workspace™ empowers businesses to deliver exceptional employee experiences while maximizing productivity. 

Our intelligent workplace transformation capabilities create a modern work experience that provides our clients with the ability to succeed across the physical, human and digital to build a culture of empowered employees ready to innovate and drive sustainable business value.

Our Offerings

Wipro AI Live Workspace

Use generative AI to amplify IT support and workplace connectivity.

OneDesk for Employee Services

Elevate productivity with a persona-based service desk powered by automation, AI/ML and cognitive support for self-service capabilities.

Digital Field Services

Maximize cost-efficiency and productivity in field service operations with remote troubleshooting and self-service enablers.

Modern Management

Maintain an evergreen IT infrastructure with an analytics-driven orchestration solution that offers unified endpoint management, application modernization and enhanced security.

Converged Security and Connectivity

Strengthen security and privacy postures with a zero-trust approach and comprehensive cloud-based security suite.

Unified Collaboration and Communication

Offer simplified, secure collaboration and communication services for greater employee engagement and inclusivity.

Experience Monitoring and Management

Generate a multi-dimensional view of employee experiences with an advanced analytics platform.

Wipro Virtuadesk

Delivering resilient enterprise hybrid workplace services through Wipro Virtuadesk™

Our Partners

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