Modernizing legacy systems to cloud-based solutions can transform how businesses traditionally operate, offering greater insights, security, cost efficiency and workforce agility to help them stay competitive in an ever-evolving environment. 

Traditionally, businesses have opted for the simplest “lift-and-shift” approach to move their workloads to the cloud. But because these approaches often stop short of modernization, they tend to deliver less value to the business and can even lead to additional costs. 

Wipro FullStride Cloud’s application migration services and modernization services help enterprises quickly realize the full potential of the cloud with end-to-end strategic support and advanced digital offerings.

Cloud experts work closely with clients to develop a robust transformation strategy, incorporating cloud economics and FinOps to align with business goals and generate greater returns on cloud investments.

Wipro’s full suite of application modernization services, combined with the capabilities of a vast partner network, help clients erase technical debt by modernizing and remediating to the cloud. Through rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring, and rearchitecting applications, enterprises adopt a nimble, intelligent approach that allows them to solve business challenges and develop a stronger cloud program going forward.

Our Offerings


An integrated cutting-edge platform that accelerates the transformation journey from legacy applications to cloud based applications with minimized risks.

Data Center Transformation

Ensure a seamless, secure data center transition to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Digital Workplace Services

Build stronger, more efficient workplaces with cloud-based applications and employee services. 

Advisory and Consulting

Keep pace with innovation and competition by optimizing your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Data Migration and Modernization

Get the best out of systems data through data and DB modernization themes like, data virtualization and offload, legacy to modern datastore. 

Distributed and Hybrid Cloud

Increase agility by updating infrastructures and employing a tailored hybrid cloud approach. 

Legacy Modernization

Exit from your existing state to a target state through rewriting, re engineering, transcoding, re hosting, replacing, and retiring with Wipro and its partners who specialize in Legacy Modernization tools and solutions.

Application Engineering and Cloud

Empower organizations to reimagine and rearchitect their business and unlock the full potential of cloud.

The Day After: De-risking Legacy Modernization

Modernization solution owners only think about application code, databases, and data, but they don’t plan for the entire platform ecosystem.

Embark on Your Legacy App Modernization Journey Before It's Too Late

Modernizing legacy applications building a roadmap for success.

Cloud Conversations

Engage with our cloud experts as they share insights on new technologies, innovation and game changing solutions that are driving the more intelligent, hyperconnected cloud

Energy Industry Cloud with the Legacy App Modernization

By modernizing cloud infrastructures, energy enterprises can reimagine their service delivery and business models through a series of cloud-based advantages.

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Wipro FullStride Cloud Helps a Food and Beverage Leader Improve Customer Experiences

Modernizing global operations to consolidate operations and improve speed to market.
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Wipro Fullstride Cloud Empowers a Leading Healthcare Provider to Improve Lives with Hybrid Cloud

Modernizing business by moving to the cloud to consolidate operations and simplify processes.
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Wipro FullStride Cloud Enables Seamless Digital Customer Experience for a Retail and Commercial Banking Leader

Bank becomes more nimble, responsive and modern by offering seamless and secure digital customer experiences.

Wipro Partners with PHEAA to Digitally Transform their Student Loan Servicing Business

Wipro aimed to improve customer service and reduce loan delinquencies.

Wipro FullStride Cloud partners with the world’s leading cosmetics brand

Wipro transformed their global business by moving from data centre to cloud.

Wipro Partners with Thames Water

Transform Customer Communications to the Cloud.

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