Energy and Utilities Industry Cloud

Energy and Utilities (ENU) providers face an era of unprecedented change. Under pressure to meet evergrowing global demand by quickly diversifying their product offerings with low carbon and renewable solutions, they are at the same time looking to reduce energy prices (and therefore costs), increase the reliability of supply, and optimize their collective energy carbon footprints.

Additionally, established providers are newly focused on customer retention as sector upheaval attracts new market entrants.

Successfully navigating these challenges requires speed, flexibility, and easy access to powerful new technologies and processes as soon as they are developed. Sector leaders are securing all three by investing in cloud-based solutions developed in partnership with experienced ENU technology integrators like Wipro.

Wipro Industry Cloud Overview

ENU Industry Cloud solutions build on the proven success of deployments in earlier moving sectors, offer a flexible and robust solution space primed for innovation. By partnering with cloud service providers, independent software providers (ISPs), and global system integrators, ENU providers can combine off-the shelf and customized services with accelerators contextualized to their needs to bring new agility and speed to their existing operations.

Crucially, cloud solutions also provide a vendor and technology agnostic platform for experimenting with new approaches to products, processes, and operations. Innovations can be easily tested and iterated on, and, once proven, quickly replicated and scaled out into full-fledged solutions.

These deployments empower ENU providers to deliver the business outcomes they seek, even in the face of sector upheaval. In addition, they enable the rapid adoption of transformative technologies like AI/ML and generative AI as soon as they are developed.

But they are also complex undertakings, requiring partners with deep experience in both the ENU and cloud technology spaces. Wipro has collaborated with leading companies in both areas for over 25 years and helped develop some of the most powerful and advanced cloud solutions in the sector.

Industry Stack

A solution stack targeted at resolving pain points.

Solution Platform

Cloud-native tools and accelerators enable rapid deployment.

Business Outcomes

Experience transformation with the ability to scale & flex as your organization grows.

Energy Data Centricity

Legacy software and production silos inhibit many energy companies from fully exploiting the benefits of cloud. A consortium of energy producers, cloud service providers, global system integrators, and independent software vendors have developed OSDU (the Open Subsurface Data Universe), an open platform on which energy data can be seamlessly extracted, stored, retrieved, transformed, searched, and shared as needed.

This technology agnostic, standards based platform frees producers to shift technologies and forge new partnerships as needed, while reducing capital expenditures. But OSDU adoption takes money, time, and expertise that many energy companies don’t have.

Wipro FullStride Cloud & Wipro Energy Practice bring together Cloud Engineering and Energy Domain capabilities to offer, Energy Data Centricity (EDC) solution, a cloud and vendor agnostic framework of service offerings and accelerators designed to help operators speed their OSDU adoption.

Wipro's Framework for Energy Data Centricity

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for  Energy and Utilities

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for  Energy and Utilities

Key Benefits for
Energy Data Centricity

EDC draws on Wipro's unique combination of experience and capabilities in both energy and cloud engineering and the broad ecosystem of industry and technology partners it has developed over the last quarter century.

The EDC framework includes solutions for data standardization, transfer, governance, security, and use case implementation. It significantly eases the process of platform adoption, migrating data into the platform, and then building novel use cases on top.

Working within EDC, companies are accessing the benefits of OSDU faster than they could alone. They are seeing increased flexibility, new business and production efficiencies, and a smoother path to innovation. Early engagements suggest EDC can accelerate OSDU adoption, impacting both the organizations bottom line and its ability to compete in a newly dynamic sector.

Carbon Value Modeling

In response to increasing regulation and shifts in public opinion, energy producers are making commitments toward net zero emissions of carbon. Failure to meet these commitments can draw financial penalties from jurisdictions with carbon quotas, carbon taxes, or requirements that excess emitters buy carbon offsets, and risks reputational damage wherever companies operate.

To move toward net zero compliance, energy producers are seeking comprehensive solutions grounded in accurate data that will accommodate changes in both business processes and the technologies used to measure and limit carbon emissions.

Wipro's Carbon Value Modeling (CVM) solution is a comprehensive, industry-focused, best-in-class solution for net zero planning and execution. It brings production, business, and capital project data into a common landing zone where it is quality checked, aggregated, and converted. This data is passed through public API's into an ISP solution that identifies site and activity bottlenecks throughout the operational value chain and determines drivers that have the highest impact on reducing emissions. It then provides scenario planning for improvements based on the business value and ROI of potential low carbon opportunities. Finally, a target-based future state model equipped with operational decarbonization pathways manages the expected reduction in carbon emissions from each change made.

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for  Energy and Utilities

Key Benefits
for Carbon Value Modeling

By partnering with Wipro to implement Carbon Value Modeling, companies gain an accurate, organizationlevel view of total emissions and a choice of pathways toward increased emissions reductions, maximizing their return on their carbon reduction investments while reducing their exposure to carbon penalties and the need to purchase carbon offsets.

Additionally, CVM empowers them to make strategic product lifecycle interventions and propagate those changes across all levels of the organization, ensuring continuous improvement from both an emissions and economic point of view.

Wipro FullStride Industry Cloud Solutions for  Energy and Utilities

Why Wipro.

As ENU providers look to adopt cloud solutions that bring agility, speed, and innovation to their operations, Wipro FullStride Cloud is helping them develop targeted, scalable solutions like Carbon Value Modeling and Energy Data Centricity that successfully meet industry needs.

Our long experience in the sector—including co-developing the OSDU standard and receiving an Energy Sector Premier Partnership award from AWS—affords us a deep understanding of emerging ENU value chains, a broad network of best-in-class partners, and an unparalleled range of domain, sustainability, modeling, data platform, and cloud competencies upon which to draw.

Learn more about working with Wipro FullStride Cloud to embark on a future-facing transformation through powerful and cost-effective ENU industry cloud solutions.

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