This customer is a government entity charged with administering and maintaining infrastructure and roads for every city, town, and village in a Middle Eastern country.

It needed to schedule inspections, and inspectors needed to gather huge amounts of information, images, and other data to document work on projects. But it couldn’t prioritize inspections based on risk, length, and severity of incidents, or the number of people and businesses an incident might affect. It also couldn’t track the compliance history of businesses or business areas, and there was no way to track unlicensed business activity. The ministry also couldn’t predict workloads, so it couldn’t plan for workforce needs.


The ministry launched an ambitious program to enhance the services it provides to citizens, and hired Wipro to help transform how its inspectors work and make smarter decisions.

We began with a design consulting assignment to identify issues in case processing and reduce the risk to citizens. Our AI OPS service collaborated with the Customer IT team to design a framework for ingesting data and creating the engines that can be used in AI models. Then we developed a solution that leverages AI/ML models to prioritized cases within risk models based on prior history, business areas, location of incident etc.

Ambitions realized

Now the ministry has an AI-enabled solution that increases the safety of their citizens by providing forecasting and capacity planning for their workforce. Other significant benefits include:

  • Future-ready platform has the ability to plan for upcoming capacity needs
  • 70% non-compliant businesses are identified and flagged for risk mitigation efforts
  • 80% of work is auto assigned based on AI auto-dispatch process
  • 30% reduction in maintenance effort by managers