This European home insurance company wanted to be recognised as the #1 home insurer in the country for their outstanding customer experience while getting customers back to normal. To do that, they needed to handle the bulk of simple claims with a digitally enabled operational backbone and handle more complex cases by balancing expert human judgement with straight through processing that was enabled by analytics. 

But fewer than 5% of their customer interactions were digital, they lacked basic digital customer service capabilities, and using paper documents cost them more than €2 million annually—if those documents were ever delivered. Even worse, making basic changes in coverage and payments required human touch, while over 70% of their competitors let customers change their policies online. 


Consultants from Wipro and Pega reviewed existing processes and identified design principles and concepts that could improve the customer experience. Then we delivered key features and screens to enable an enhanced experience, more intuitive transparency, and greater self-service ability.

Wipro and the business teams arrived at a reference architecture that leveraged Pega CS and AIML, RPA components, and UX  and UI design. We focused on customer research to enable humanized customer centricity beyond a functional idea.

Now simple claims are quickly handled by AI-enabled decision engines while complex claims are routed to expert employees for quick and accurate processing.


This digital solution enables a new way of working for employees and roughly 2 million customers. More cohesive customer self-service experiences streamline grievance management, reduce manual intervention, and lower operational costs. 

  • ~€2m annual savings in paper cost via digital channels intake and processing
  • ~€4m annual savings in indemnity 
  • <5% to ~50% Increase in digital adoption 
  • 70% reduction in call volumes