Like most Detroit automakers, our customer had traditionally let dealers manage the end-user experience. These experiences had become disjointed and inconsistent over the decades, and 21st century customers expected more input from the automaker itself. 

Dealers scheduled over 18 million annual service appointments, only 10% of them online. Some dealers offered online solutions, but the experience varied by dealer, which tended to inhibit their use. None of the dealer solutions supported portable or mobile devices for booking and managing appointments. Dealers also didn’t use proactive communications and notifications, so customers missed appointments or dealers scheduled customers on top of each other. 

Our customer needed to gain control over the process and outcomes of this experience, using digital solutions to make everything simpler and more convenient for both dealers and customers. 

Approach & Solution 

Wipro collaborated with our customer, their IT team, and their providers to understand the current model and pain points. Then we designed and built an integrated experience platform so dealers have a single integrated tool to drive holistic experiences, improve operations, and make the lives of their guests simpler. This tool also 

  • Gives the automaker a unified platform for managing service appointments. 
  • Shows greater respect for customers’ time. 
  • Empowers guests and dealers to schedule, manage, and provide services.
  • Provides a simple, consistent, always-on scheduling experience that supports remote services like booking, dealer administration, service lane technology and transportation management, and vehicle pickup and delivery. 
  • Offers multi-channel experience with more customized and transparent service options 
  • Enables Incremental use cases (PDL, MSV etc..) to optimize the dealer workshop for both fast lanes and main shop


Now over 3,000 North American dealers use this tool, and the automaker has made its use mandatory for its new flagship electric vehicles and all newer models. 

  • 50% Increase in honoured reservations
  • 45% Increase in # of promise times met (initial scheduled maintenance and updated time)
  • 80% Increase in # ROs booked online 
  • 27% Increased CSAT
  • $129/RO Increased revenue