Our customer, a huge US mobile services provider, achieve revenue and profitability goals so it adopted a strategy of improving the experience that they offer business customers. 

The tactics they chose were to provide new capabilities that would retain business customer prospects, provide new personalized offers to attract customers online, and enrich existing offers with new features. And they needed to do all of this across ACSS, MyBiz, TELESALES, and Account Inquiry channels in real time. 

Approach & Solution

Wipro implemented a B2B offers platform using Pega’s decision engine. Our initial scope was to deliver programs for retention and upsell on their online portal. 

We leveraged a headless design where APIs are exposed to the online channels to retrieve the best offer for each customer. We integrated it with the customer’s CDP platform and other backend systems to enrich customer profiles, offer details, inventory checks, etc. And interaction details collected are sent to downstream systems to Kibana using Kafka for further analysis. 


Our work has greatly improved customer satisfaction and has driven significant ROI. Prior call volumes averaged 2,500 – 3,000 per day which were expected to be redirected to the new platform. 

  • Additional revenue generation around 2.4+mil USD annually 
  • Major increase in customer experience due to real time experience
  • Acceptance rate increased by 21% for MyOffers
  • Confidence in delivery allowing for further plans to add more strategies and source historic interactions driving better results