This US automaker needed a system to let potential customers in Europe book a test drive, but their dealer experiences were disjointed, which led to inconsistent customer experiences. Since the dealer scheduled test drives, the manufacturer couldn’t control or track the availability of vehicles and sales personnel. It also had no insights into customer profiles and conversion rate.

Approach and Solution

Wipro collaborated with the automaker’s business teams, IT team, and IT providers to understand the test drive process and pain points for customers and the company. Then we designed and built a unified experience platform that provides over 5,000 dealerships in 19 European countries with a single integrated tool to ensure that customers will have a simple and easy way to book a test drive for their vehicle of choice irrespective of dealer and location. Major features include:

  • A more consistent user experience controlled by the manufacturer instead of the dealer 
  • Test drive scheduling in a direct sales model – New target customers
  • Seamless transition between online and offline touchpoints
  • Better visibility into the customer demand
  • Improve dealer behavior
  • Data visibility
  • Feedback on experience for constant CX improvement
  • Support for 17 languages 


Significant benefits driven by this program include: 

  • Incremental revenue to OEM
  • More consistent test drive experiences =with differentiating personalization and surprise/delight elements 
  • Easy online booking, registration, and transparency of availability (vehicles and time slots) across dealers/agents 
  • Data driven implementation – utilization rates drive inventory, surveys drive quality assessment and performance