Our customer was a government-owned corporation responsible for meeting the water needs of an entire province, operating its river systems and dams, and supplying bulk water to a city of over 5 million people. Their legacy application had trouble pinpointing work locations, which caused delays and increased the number of interactions between customers and assessment officers required to complete work. Application and assessment processes were paper-based and relied on a third-party app, which delayed the application life cycle even more. Finally, it offered no self-service options for customers.


Wipro executed this program in a co-creation model with business and IT teams to radically change how they operate. We began with a consulting assignment to identify needs, create a roadmap, and evaluate tech process automation platforms. We took the journey centric approach, initiating the program by employing design thinking and customer-centric experience as the core teams to help our client visualize their vision. They chose Pega to deliver a customer engagement platform to support multiple government departments supporting multiple personas on complex journeys.

Digital Adoption platform implementation using Whatfix for faster and easier adoption by users.

Ambitions realized

Our solution is the first to integrate Pega Govt Platform (PGP) and Customer Service (CS) applications. It has streamlined how this customer interacts with adjacent government agencies. It also enables customer digital self-service, plus employees can track tickets more accurately and they have a 360-degree view of customer data. Significant benefits include:

  • Solution caters to 170k applications annually, serving 100k customers
  • 70% Customers rated at least 7/10 for customer service
  • 30% reduction in manual effort