The Power of CNAP

Bringing it all together

Assess, migrate and modernize legacy workloads for containers, and seamlessly integrate with any cloud to reduce build and deploy times.

Securely building at scale

Utilize code-ready workspaces and templated modernization recipes to build modern apps and drive a consistent, enhanced and secure developer experience.

Becoming truly cloud-native

Operate and secure cloud-native apps across multiple teams and infrastructure with CNAP’s multi-cloud capability.

Cloud-Native Transformation, without Lead Times

Enabling Quick Transformation

Reduction in lead time for implementation from 6-9 months to 3-4 weeks for production grade k8s.

Offering Flexibility in Payments

CNAP is available in a pay-per-use model facilitating OpEx helping customers avoid huge upfront payments.

Accelerating Development

30%-40% reduction in efforts leveraging curated development frameworks and extensive automation.

Reducing Time to Market

CNAP increases MVP release velocity with multiple accelerators resulting in reduced time to market.

CNAP also has the flexibility to integrate with existing cloud-native strategies, letting companies explore and choose from the various tools and platforms in the CNCF family.

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