View Profile Thierry Delaporte

Thierry Delaporte

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

View Profile Nagendra P Bandaru

Nagendra P Bandaru

Managing Partner - iCORE Business Line

View Profile Gaurav Chadha

Gaurav Chadha

Global Partnerships & Alliances

View Profile Jatin Dalal

Jatin Dalal

Chief Financial Officer

View Profile Angan Guha

Angan Guha

CEO - Americas 2

View Profile Anil Raibagi

Anil Raibagi

Corporate Development

View Profile A. Amarnath

A. Amarnath

Sales Operations

View Profile Ajay Bhaskar

Ajay Bhaskar

Strategy & Transformation

View Profile Harmeet Chauhan

Harmeet Chauhan

Global Head - Engineering and R&D

View Profile Kiran Desai K

Kiran Desai K

Global Head - Cloud & Infrastructure

View Profile Rajan Kohli

Rajan Kohli

Managing Partner - iDEAS Business Line

View Profile Sanjeev Singh

Sanjeev Singh

Chief Operations Officer

View Profile Deepak Acharya

Deepak Acharya

General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer

View Profile Pierre Bruno

Pierre Bruno

CEO - Europe

View Profile Philippe Dintrans

Philippe Dintrans

Global Head - Domain & Consulting

View Profile Harish Dwarkanhalli

Harish Dwarkanhalli

Global Head - Applications and Data

View Profile Laura Langdon

Laura Langdon

Chief Marketing Officer

View Profile Subha Tatvarti

Subha Tatvarti

Chief Technology Officer

View Profile N. S. Bala

N. S. Bala

CEO - Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

View Profile Tony Buffomante

Tony Buffomante

Global Head - Cybersecurity & Risk

View Profile Sunita Rebecca Cherian

Sunita Rebecca Cherian

Chief Culture Officer

View Profile Saurabh Govil

Saurabh Govil

Chief Human Resources Officer

View Profile Srini Pallia

Srini Pallia

CEO - Americas 1

View Profile Stephanie Trautman

Stephanie Trautman

Chief Growth Officer