The internet has evolved beyond mere convenience, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. However, alongside its benefits, there exists a darker side that demands our attention. Scams, fake news, objectionable content, violence, and sexual material pose significant challenges. At Wipro, we recognize the importance of safeguarding trust and safety in this dynamic environment.

For the past decade, we have provided our clients with exceptional trust and safety services encompassing content moderation, payment fraud management, and have even played a pivotal role in formulating versatile and holistic trust and safety policies, offering policy consulting and advisory services based on our experience and achievements. In addition to our operational levers, we highly prioritize the well-being and resilience of our content moderators through wellness programs, ensuring their physical and mental health on a daily basis. 

Proactive trust and safety approach using AI-augmented and people-enabled system

People Centricity 

Clinically run and evidence-based wellness programs to ensure the mental well-being of moderators.

Right Mix of Human & AI

Human touch, augmented by data-centric technology, enables us to review 1.7 bn+ content pieces annually.

Industry Expertise 

23k dedicated moderators, 30+ proprietary tools and a decade of experiential knowledge in trust and safety services.

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Content Curation and Moderation Services

Wipro's Content Services offering is designed to enhance digital content.

Review and Compliance

Safeguard your online platforms and maintain integrity with Wipro's Content Moderation services.

Platform Safety

Secure your digital space with Wipro's Platform Safety Solutions.

Ad Support

Empowering digital spaces through Wipro’s vigilant Ad Support and Operations.

Gen AI

Ensure safe use of Gen AI on your digital space with Wipro’s Comprehensive Gen AI moderation and services.

Gaming Moderation

Elevating gaming community’s safety with Wipro’s comprehensive moderation expertise.

CSAM Moderation

Fostering a safer digital experience for everyone, especially for children with Wipro’s CSAM Moderation Solutions

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Wipro's Playbook on Content Moderation Solutions

Our playbook on content moderation shaped with over a decade’s worth of experience.

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