Wipro at the 3rd Annual TrustCon being held in San Francisco, CA

We are proud to be the Visionary Sponsor at TrustCon, the world's largest Trust and Safety event, this July in San Francisco, CA. Our experts are excited to share their extensive experiences and best practices developed from working with global clients to address complex trust and safety challenges. For the past decade, we have been at the forefront of providing exceptional trust and safety services, including content moderation, payment fraud management, and comprehensive consulting and advisory services. Our multifaceted service capabilities, featuring 23,000+ digital guardians, support in over 40 languages, a flagship wellness program, and a state-of-the-art impact sourcing process, have been pivotal in our success.

We are also investing USD 1Bn in AI and our ai360 ecosystem. Our proprietary WeGA tool has the capability to solve some of the biggest challenges in AI like hallucination, data privacy, copyright, prompt infusion, data annotation and labelling. With over 600+ AI/ML patents, our solutions not only make Wipro a 360˚AI partner but also accelerates the responsible AI journey.

Join us at booth #4 in the Ballroom Foyer to learn how we manage to review 1.7 billion content pieces annually and tackle the spread of fake news, particularly during election years. With the growing significance of social media as a platform for expressing public sentiment, Wipro's AI-enabled technology and skilled content moderators are more crucial than ever. Discover how our proactive approach to trust and safety, which combines AI-augmented systems with people-centric support, ensures robust management of global trust and safety processes across various domains. Don't miss the chance to engage with our experts and explore how our innovative solutions can help you navigate the evolving landscape of trust and safety.

Join us for plenary and knowledge-packed session:

Plenary Session at Grand Ballroom A | Date: 24th July 2024 Time: 9.20 am

Karthikeyan Ravindran, Head of Customer Success, AI & Immersive Ops and Prof. Amit Sheth, Founding Director, AI Institute at USC will host the plenary session. They will discuss how GenAI today holds the potential to transform trust and safety landscape.

Our Presenters

Karthikeyan Ravindran

Head of Customer Success - AI and Immersive Operations, DOP


Prof. Amit Sheth

Founding Director, AI Institute at USC

Unveiling the Reaction to Content Scale: A Tailored Approach to Assessing and Mitigating the Impact on Content Moderators

Date: 22nd July at 11:10 am | Location: Seacliff CD

Our senior leader, Dr. Aparna Samuel Balasundaram, will host a session at the Seacliff CD unveiling the Rection to Content Scale. This study unveils the design, development, validation and application of the Reaction to Content - 10 (RTC-10) scale, a proprietary assessment tool meticulously crafted in-house to gauge the psychological impact of moderating egregious content on content moderators.

Our Presenter

Dr. Aparna Samuel Balasundaram

Global Head of Wellbeing, Resilience and DEI, AI & Immersive Ops, DOP


In addition to these sessions, we invite you to explore how you can partner with Wipro to elevate your Trust and Safety Journey. Depending on your trust and safety services maturity and goals, we can collaborate in one of the following ways:

  1. Policy Guidance: Bridge the gap between data and actionable strategies by translating trends, engagement metrics, and insights into effective policy guidance aimed at enhancing trust and safety.
  2. Digital Transformation: Leverage our AI-powered tools to enhance decision-making processes and improve harmful content detection, allowing teams to focus on complex and nuanced cases.
  3. Analytics and Insights: Utilize advanced data analytics to gain deep insights, enabling informed business decisions that prioritize safety and compliance.
  4. Risk and Compliance: Protect the platform by identifying potential risks, ensuring adherence to regulations, and mitigating legal issues through our dedicated Risk and Global Monitoring team.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and explore how Wipro can help you achieve excellence in trust and safety services.

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We look forward to seeing you at TrustCon 2024 in San Francisco, CA!

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