Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI) has taken the internet by storm, by enabling the creation, tagging, and analysis of substantial volumes of digital content, opening new horizons in content generation, ad creation, digital marketing, and personalization. Yet, like all emerging technologies, AI comes with its pros and cons that require careful navigation. 

In collaboration with Everest group, we present this whitepaper where we-

Explore the current state of technologies in the Trust & Safety landscape

Understand the vast potential of AI in augmenting user safety

Propose an AI investment strategy for enterprises based on a holistic approach

Offer a perspective for stakeholders to adopt a collaborative mindset to utilize AI to its fullest potential

Excerpt from the white paper

A safe digital space is a protected ecosystem that ensures the safety and interests of all stakeholders including users, platforms, regulators, and society in general. Some characteristics of a safe digital space include:

  • Transparent policies and procedures, and clarity around potential risks to user safety
  • Proactive moderation of all forms of content and removal of misinformation and Collaborative and healthy exchange of ideas, information, and opinions
  • Protected user privacy, identity, information, and financial transactions
  • Personalized user experience through localization and language and cultural inclusivity
  • Harmful content
  • Adherence to regulations on digital safety

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The absence of these core elements in a digital ecosystem reflects negatively on platforms operating in it and erodes trust among users, regulators, and other stakeholders. As platforms strive to enhance user experience to differentiate themselves in the competitive digital landscape, they need to prioritize holistic user safety to build trust and retain users.

To bridge the gap between the current and ideal/safe digital space, a scalable, agile, and industry-and use-case agnostic solution that can facilitate proactive moderation of diverse content is needed. Advanced AI technologies can help detect and prevent threats and vulnerabilities that compromise the safety of digital platforms. Additionally, AI can stimulate transparency, privacy, and sustainability in enterprise T&S policies. 

Key takeaways from the study


The significance of safe digital spaces for a holistic user experience


How to invest in intelligent solutions to ensure a safe digital ecosystem


Modelling a holistic platform-based solution for AI utilization


Navigating the finer nuances of AI in trust and safety


Strategies on effective collaboration with third party providers to enhance enterprise AI investments