The global content moderation solutions market is experiencing rapid growth, projected to reach USD 40.37 billion by 2032 from USD 13 billion in 2022. This surge is driven by the escalating creation and consumption of user-generated content (UGC), particularly in the media sector. As the need for robust review and compliance expertise in CSAM moderation services becomes critical, Wipro steps in to address this challenge.

Wipro’s comprehensive CSAM moderation services cover essential tasks, including UGC moderation, policy compliance, account takedown, and livestream monitoring. With a team of over 9,000 skilled moderators operating across 12+ countries, Wipro reviews 247 million user-generated pieces of content annually, spanning more than 30 languages. Their expertise ensures swift identification and removal of harmful content, upholding safety standards and fostering a secure digital ecosystem.

Wipro’s commitment to creating a safer online environment remains unwavering, making them a trusted partner for digital safety solutions by one of the largest video streaming platforms, the world’s leading social media website, and the world’s leading search engine company.  

Wipro’s Proven Track Record in CSAM Moderation



247 Mn

UGC Reviewed Annually


Languages Supported


UGC Moderation

Vigilant monitoring to detect and eliminate CSAM.

Policy Risk and Compliance

Adhering to policies and regulations to prevent CSAM.

Data Labelling and Annotations

Enhancing data accuracy for effective CSAM identification.

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Protecting the wellness of online content moderators

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