The global gaming market size was valued at $249.55 billion in 2022, is projected to surge from $281.77 billion in 2023 to $665.77 billion by 2030. As the industry grows exponentially, the need for effective gaming moderation solutions becomes crucial..

Within our Content Moderation services, Wipro also specializes in Gaming Moderation, providing tailored solutions to ensure seamless and safe gaming experiences. Our offerings include In-game moderation, covering voice and text chats during gameplay, as well as dedicated Community moderation and Live stream moderation. Additionally, we excel in managing Player appeals, swiftly resolving issues.

Leveraging our team of over 9,000 moderators, we meticulously review 247 million user-generated pieces of content annually, across more than 30 languages. Operating from 12+ countries, our Gaming Moderation services uphold the integrity of gaming environments and foster secure digital ecosystems.

Wipro’s Proven Track Record in Gaming Moderation



247 Mn

UGC Reviewed Annually


Languages Supported


In-Game Moderation

Maintaining a positive gaming environment for all users.

Live Comment Moderation

Real-time monitoring of in-game comments.

Community Moderation

Fostering a supportive and inclusive gaming community.

Comment Moderation

Ensuring respectful interactions among players.

Rewards & Point Management

Managing and optimizing in-game rewards.

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