Companies everywhere can bring device choice to their employees with Wipro’s device management solutions. These innovative services enable global organizations to deploy Apple products at scale throughout their organizations to optimize performance and security for today’s modern workforce.  

Wipro delivers a turn-key solution to give employees choice.  Our wide range of services encompasses device provisioning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and support. This expertise extends across the Apple product line, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. Through excellent customer support, timely updates, and robust security measures, we ensure that our clients' Apple devices remain secure, up-to-date, and optimized for peak performance.

Apple Experts

More than 100 certified employees


Empowering Today’s
Modern Workplace


More than 1.2 million managed Apple devices


Device Management

Maximize the potential of your devices and business

Proof Of Concept

Transform your ideas with PoC development for Apple devices by Wipro

Device Integration

Seamless and reliable transition & integration to your existing IT environment 

DaaS For Mac

More flexibility for employees with less complexity for IT

Mac Technical Support Services

Feel assured with our 24*7 multilingual tech support

Microsoft Intune for Mac

A unified solution for device management.

Success Stories

Apple for the Workforce : Powered by Wipro

Mia, a CMO, loves how her Apple devices all work together seamlessly

Donna from HR, can work from anywhere with Apple

Rebekah an engineer, can work smarter

Carla in sales, can move faster with Apple

Gerry in accounting, appreciates the security

Rose an engineer can hit the ground running. And never stop.

Raj, a designer can make his visions a reality

Wipro’s customizable onboarding experience

Employee choice is better for business

Trend and impacts of encouraging workers to choose their own devices and operating systems

How to choose the right MDM solution

To ensure enterprises choose the right MDM solution, essential factors must be considered

The Total Economic Impact™ of Mac in Enterprise

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by an employee choice program

Why device choice matters to employees

The survey results show that device choice impacts recruitment, loyalty, and productivity within enterprise organizations

How Macs Bridge the App Gap

When given that choice, employees choose Mac 75% of the time.

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