Wipro partnered with Coleman Parkes Research to better understand the impact when organizations allow employees to choose which type of device they use for work (Mac® or PC). In October 2019 Coleman Parkes Research interviewed 500 US-based IT leaders to better understand the viewpoint of next generation IT leaders when it comes to choice of devices and laptops in the workplace. 

The survey confirmed that organizations that allow employees to choose between Mac and PCs, increases their attractiveness for new hires and strengthens loyalty for current employees. 

IT Leaders are recognizing that equipping employees with their preferred type of device will allow them to be more efficient and productive.

This is evidence of how being flexible in IT decision-making can be better for a company, rather than the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Designing and deploying a corporate-provisioned employee choice program that incorporates Windows and Apple® products within your existing IT infrastructure can be daunting. Wipro makes it easier.

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