For many CIOs, Apple® devices presented a daunting challenge to their traditional approach, refined over 30-plus years, of using traditional PCs. CIOs are risk averse—a trait that seems to come with the territory—and have naturally been resistant to the trend. However, times are changing. One industry study showed a rise in Mac® and iOS device adoption.

We have developed a Playbook for CIOs to explain the benefits of offering device choice to their key stakeholders. We lay out a roadmap to embrace Apple devices in your enterprise IT ecosystem. You will learn how to transform your employee’s device experience, while ensuring compliance to the corporate policies and reducing total cost of ownership.

This playbook shares sharpened approaches, proven strategies, and best practices from experts to get you started on the transformation journey.

We provide insights into gaining support from your stakeholders, managing your deployments, and delivering new user experiences so that you can successfully transform your enterprise IT landscape using Apple devices.

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