Employees want device choice in their workplaces.

When given that choice, employees choose Mac 75% of the time.

Still, hesitation about device choice persists among corporate executives and IT professionals. They’re looking to ensure that Macs can integrate with existing PC-based systems and support essential applications and software. IT experts often fear a macOS app gap — an inability to run certain crucial line-of-business applications.

  • Are you wondering if offering device choice and integrating Macs will leave you and your employees with an app gap?
  • Are you worried about keeping your systems secure once Macs are introduced to your IT environment? 

Well, wonder and worry no more. Apple has you covered. 

By designing, creating, and controlling the hardware, software, and cloud services, Apple creates a more unified and secure platform — all while maintaining the highest quality products, delivering a compelling end-user experience, and keeping your employees connected and productive regardless of platform.

  • Create Documents
    Microsoft Word or Google Workspace allows you to create, edit, and share documents from your Apple devices.
  • Access Files
    Box, DropBox, Teams and Google Drive all let you store data securely in the cloud and easily access files from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Stay Connected
    Slack, Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom: Everyone on your team can easily share documents, communicate, and collaborate, using any device.
  • Design & Create
    With Adobe Creative Cloud, your Mac employees can design and share with anyone.
  • Keep up with Office365
    Office365 is the workplace standard for both Mac and PC. And Microsoft even prioritizes Mac and iOS/iPadOS development and optimization above Windows.
  • Manage Customer Relationships
    Salesforce combines your customer relationship management apps, custom apps, Chatter, and business processes into one seamless experience.
  • Trust App Security
    Apps are among the most critical elements of a security architecture. Even as apps provide amazing productivity benefits for users, they also have the potential to negatively impact system security, stability, and user data if they’re not handled properly.

Apple provides layers of protection to help ensure that apps are free of known malware and tampering. Additional protections guarantee that access from apps to user data is carefully mediated.

These security controls provide a stable, secure platform for apps, enabling thousands of developers to deliver hundreds of thousands of apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS — all without impacting system integrity. Users can access these apps on their Apple devices without undue fear of viruses, malware, or unauthorized attacks.

If you still need access to a legacy app that’s missing from the Mac repertoire, Mac likely offers effective and efficient alternatives. Because they’re built by Apple, they’ll be doubly secure.

Finally, Wipro’s virtualization services can help ease your challenge. Providing the ability to run Windows legacy app on a Mac. Wipro’s in-depth industry knowledge and wide-ranging experience in delivering infrastructure solutions provide you a solid virtualization offering that’s secure, scalable, and flexible.

Opening your enterprise up to device choice and Mac products has benefits for both your business and your employees. Allowing employees to choose Mac can lower your support costs, reduce capital costs, and increase productivity for your enterprise. Employees gain the familiarity of Mac at work and seamless connectivity with their personal Apple devices at home or in their pocket.

Plus, Macs are currently so ubiquitous in higher education that the youngest members of your current and future workforce will likely choose to work on Macs in even greater numbers.

Offering them that choice will be a natural extension of their experience and an attractive recruiting tool for your business. 

Allowing employees to choose Mac can lower your support costs, reduce capital costs, and increase productivity for your enterprise.

Now you have a choice:

Choose Wipro LiVE Workspace for Apple and you can empower your employees with device flexibility. Giving your people that one simple choice — Mac or PC — will make them feel more productive, more engaged, and more proud of their work and their team.

We’ll help you seamlessly integrate and secure iPhone®, iPad® and Mac devices with your existing systems, automate deployment and management with modern best practices, augment AppleCare support, and give your workforce customized help throughout their device lifecycle.

There’s no app gap when you choose Wipro and Apple.

About the Author

Timothy Lydon

Global Apple Partnership Leader

Wipro FullStride Cloud

Tim Lydon is Wipro’s Global leader of the Apple Partnership.  Tim has executed several of largest enterprise deployments of Mac Device Choice programs.  Tim advises enterprise executives on how they can improve the employee experience, reduce costs and improve sustainability by expanding the adoption of Mac.