Everest Group has named Wipro a Leader in the Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) Automotive Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. The Leader ranking is based on Everest Group’s evaluation of 26 leading engineering service providers based on their:

  • Mix of pure-plays and well-established IT-heritage that have excelled in providing comprehensive automotive engineering services across multiple disciplines.
  • Differentiation by offering a comprehensive value proposition that spans emerging domains, service elements, and traditional automotive solutions.
  • Leverage of assets and partnerships effectively, particularly in software and embedded systems development, resulting in a diverse portfolio of offerings in autonomous, connected, and electric mobility.
  • Significant investments in Intellectual Property (IP), Centers of Excellence (CoEs), employee certifications, and labs, showcasing their expertise in ADAS, sensor fusion, infotainment, V2X communications, battery management systems and software.

“Wipro has positioned itself as a credible player in the ACES space by offering a strong suite of solutions in sensor fusion technologies, functional safety, digital cockpit, and intelligent energy management solutions,” said Nishant Udupa, Practice Director at Everest Group. “These offerings are further backed by their investments in developing IPs/solutions, establishing CoEs, investing in emerging themes, and a comprehensive partnership ecosystem. Additionally, clients have appreciated Wipro’s domain knowledge, talented pool of engineers, and pricing constructs. All this combined has helped Wipro retain its position as a Leader in Everest Group's ACES Automotive Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.”

Wipro Named a Leader in Everest Group’s ACES Automotive Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023: Navigating the Future of Automotive Landscape

Everest Group called out the following key strengths for Wipro:

  • Wipro has significantly invested in developing IP, partnerships, and key employee skillsets across multiple areas within the autonomous and connected subsegments.
  • Clients appreciate Wipro’s commitment to the engagement, deep talent pool, and its automotive expertise that helps it to understand customers’ needs and to deliver solutions.
  • Through its strong focus on software and embedded engineering services, Wipro has showcased its ability to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions in the areas of connected mobility, ADAS, and functional safety.
  • Wipro has a well-balanced portfolio across the ACES subsegments, enabling it to deliver a wide variety of solutions to its customers.
  • Wipro showcases a good mix of pricing models in both traditional as well as emerging models, such as outcome-based pricing.
Wipro Named a Leader in Everest Group’s ACES Automotive Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023: Navigating the Future of Automotive Landscape