Everest Group has named Wipro a Top Engineering Services Provider in their 2023 PEAK Matrix® Report. The second annual Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year Awards™ recognize the engineering services providers that have consistently ranked as top performers across Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® assessments.

According to Everest Group, “The widespread digitalization trend in various industries has prompted enterprises to integrate software and advanced technologies into their products and offerings, aiming for quicker time-to-market and greater cost efficiency. In response, top providers have actively partnered with enterprises to meet evolving customer expectations.

The PEAK Matrix® Provider of the Year awards assist enterprises in identifying exceptional providers with robust capabilities and effective service strategies that align with the evolving demand for enterprise engineering services.”

Awards are made by evaluating, comparing, and contrasting key providers in the global services space across the following segments:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Software products engineering
  • Digital products engineering
  • Digital twins
  • Connected medical devices

“The Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year™ Awards recognize an elite group of engineering services providers who set themselves apart by exhibiting consistent leadership and top performance across many different categories,” said Akshat Vaid, partner at Everest Group. “More importantly, as today’s enterprises navigate the complex landscape of next-generation and legacy technologies, a global business footprint and a complex provider portfolio, the PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year Awards help them to identify the best of the best — providers with strong capabilities and successful services strategies that align well with the evolving enterprise engineering services demand.”

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