Seeking increased resiliency and competitiveness, enterprises are adopting new technologies and new ways of working that may also be exposing them to new cybersecurity threats.

Hybrid work has extended the areas businesses need to secure, and flexible operations like bring-your-own-device programs are creating more endpoints that need monitoring. To maintain a secure, efficient digital work environment, enterprises need a comprehensive security approach that can keep pace with ever-changing business demands and regulatory requirements.

In “Endpoint Protection: Securing enterprise endpoints with comprehensive security technology,” Wipro security experts describe how to effectively tackle the challenges associated with endpoint security and offers businesses a guide for building a comprehensive endpoint security framework.

The report also shows how solutions like Wipro Live Workspace™ Secure360 — a zero-trust based security architecture powered by Intel’s vPro Platform, Hardware Shield, Remote Secure Access and other security tools—leverage advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to help enterprises reinforce critical IT infrastructure to enhance digital security throughout the organization.

Wipro and Intel are working together to develop robust security solutions that help today’s enterprises keep pace with change while keeping their operations safe. 

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