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Welcome to Wipro Gaming.

Wipro Gaming is a visionary space creating next-gen player experiences. We combine advanced game capabilities, services, solutions, and partnerships to help game studios, developers, and publishers build, scale, modernize, and launch their games faster.

Wipro is the preferred partner for the world’s top gaming companies. We leverage our experience, our partnerships in the gaming industry, and our deep knowledge of game mechanics and player psychology to adapt quickly and create engaging experiences relevant to a wide range of industries and sectors.

We bring together game experts, consultants, engineers, and advanced technology stacks to develop best-in-class AAA and F2P games for the world’s leading gaming companies. Our goal is to transform your big ambitions into bold achievements, thus shaping the future of gaming.

With Wipro Gaming, you can

  • Launch multi-platform games faster
  • Engage players and improve reliability
  • Localize games for a larger market share
  • Enable fair play and trust
  • Maximize player reach and monetize with ad services

Why Wipro

A diverse global team with a single focus—YOU

Our development centers across the globe provide the best gaming talent, where our engineers and scientists fuel your innovation with ambition.

More intelligence, less artificial

Wipro ai360 brings together all our AI capabilities, talent, and technology to help you connect AI throughout your business. We are committed to making a $1 billion investment in advancing AI capabilities over the next three years.

Tap into Topcoder for an on-demand development team

Topcoder is a Wipro company and the world’s largest on-demand digital talent platform, with 1.7M+ developers, designers, data scientists, and more.  Topcoder empowers organizations, including Google, Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, and others, to accelerate innovation, solve challenging business problems, and tap into hard-to-find tech skills.

Go cutting-edge with Wipro Partner Eco-system

Our strategic partnerships & investments within gaming ecosystems, hyperscalers, hardware vendors, and operating system and tool vendors influence changes that reduce complexity and build the future of gaming.

Wipro Virtual Gaming Studio (VGS) to Accelerate Game Development

VGS empowers game development anytime, anywhere. Eliminates CAPEX and provides a comprehensive environment for all game developers uniformly.

Impactful Innovation from experience, expertise and excellence

Our success in digital experience transformation and design-centered product innovation give us the credentials and experience to address the foundational, digital and modern-day needs of Gaming enterprises.

What We Do

 Virtual Gaming Studio

Empowers game development anytime, anywhere

Game Platform Engineering

Wipro's Game Platform Engineering unites innovation and expertise to bring games to life.

 Game Development

Wipro helps game developers and testers by providing a framework and services for in-house teams to maintain their focus on creativity, quality, time and budget.

QA Testing and Localization

Quality Assurance (QA) and localization are crucial aspects of the gaming industry.

 Player Analytics

With 3 billion gamers worldwide, more than half of whom play mobile games.

Player Support

Build stronger game loyalty and increase profitability by ensuring  your players stay happy and engaged.

Fair Play

Wipro Gaming is committed to safeguarding player protection, well-being and the integrity of online gaming communities.

 Game Ops-in-a-Box (GOB)

We've mastered the art of running gaming operations, and we're excited to offer our solution: Game Ops in a Box (GOB).

Art Asset Creation and Animation Services 

At Wipro Gaming’s Art, Asset Creation, and Animation Services, innovation meets artistry to redefine the visual landscape of gaming.

Enhanced Gaming Experience with Cloud Based Platform

Wipro enabled an online gaming giant to seamlessly accommodate 27k users on their gaming platform, while providing an enhanced gaming experience

Wipro Takes User Experience of Xbox Products to a Next Level

Delivering high quality experience to users of the Xbox app store leads to 45% rise in subscriptions.

What We Think

Integrated Game Testing Is Key to Quality Experiences

A Democratized Gaming World

Game on: the need for Cybersecurity in gaming

Winning in Cloud Gaming with 5G

Game Changer: Tectonic Shifts within the Gaming Industry

Our Tech Expertise

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Autodesk Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Adobe Photoshop and illustrator
  • Audacity and Ableton

Have a big game idea?

Let's bring it to life.