Are you ready to take your gaming business to the next level?

Multiply your revenue by understanding how games are developed, marketed and monetized. We've mastered the art of running gaming operations, and we're excited to offer our solution: Game Ops-in-a-Box (GOB).

Imagine having a complete playbook for all your gaming business needs, neatly packed into one box. GOB is your comprehensive guide to every aspect of enterprise processes from gaming operations and live services to marketing, promotions and monetization. 

The benefits include:

  • Recurring revenue stream using long-term monetization strategy.
  • Engaged players resulting in player loyalty and extended life span of the game.
  • Earlier game releases with continuous content updates over time. 

Reimagine your gaming marketing and monetization approach. Transform it into an immersive, ever-evolving universe that keeps players hooked, maximizing revenue potential. 

GOB’s suite of enterprise services that keep players engaged and generate ongoing revenue:

1. Multiplied Monetization: Support recurring revenue models through flexible billing, advanced monetization strategies, and a captivating player experience.

  • Flexible Billing: Create a plan that aligns with your budget and goals.
  • In-App Purchases: Implement new features, content, DLC or expansions that players can purchase to enhance their gameplay experience.
  • In-Game Advertising: Integrate contextually relevant and non-intrusive ads (in all formats) seamlessly into your gameplay.
  • Pay-to-Play/Subscription Model: Provide players with premium content, early access, or other perks on a recurring basis that drives your subscription adoption and retention rates.
  • Free-to-Play (F2P): Offering games for free but generating revenue through in-game purchases and ads.
  • Season Passes: Providing season passes that grant access to a series of content updates or expansions over time.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: Partnering with other brands or games to promote products or cross-promote games within each other's player bases.

2. Magnetic Marketing: GOB’s suite of marketing services enables global marketing teams to decouple strategy from operations, reduce costs, improve time-to-market, and drive operational effectiveness.

  • Market Research: We analyze the gaming market for you to identify potential target audiences and market opportunities and competitor landscape.
  • Digital Marketing & Game PromotionsReach the right audience at the right time through the right platforms and channels.
          1. Identify best social media platforms to engage with the gaming community, share updates, and build a loyal                                         following.
          2. Launch campaigns at scale, analyze performance and optimize continually to maximize clicks and conversion.
          3. Create spellbinding marketing materials such as trailers, creatives, and teasers to generate interest and                                               excitement before a game's release.
  • Social Media Management - Manage the narrative and engage with stakeholders on all social media platforms. Boost your digital marketing efforts with an ear-to-ground approach to understand and act proactively to improve online brand sentiments. Leverage Influencer Marketing and Public Relations to achieve your marketing ambitions.
  • Web Content Publishing – Centralized management and publishing of content on entire website including webpage creations, page updates, product launches, etc.
  • CRM / Loyalty Program Management – Streamlined customer communications through unified CRM operations across all business divisions. Manage commercial rules to avoid penalties.
  • Design and Content Services – Roll out content and design creatives at scale by seamlessly managing multiple stakeholders across organization as well as third party vendors.
  • Community Engagement: Active participation in gaming forums, Events and Conventions, social media groups, and online communities to interact with players, answer questions, and gather feedback.
  • Sales Operations Support – Reduce sales lead time by relieving sales team of all operational and administrative tasks, giving them more time for customer conversations.