Create a safe and welcoming environment that promotes positive interactions and allows fairness and fun to go hand-in-hand. 

Wipro Gaming is committed to safeguarding player protection, well-being and the integrity of online gaming communities. We enable you to create a safe and welcoming gaming environment that promotes positive interactions and allows fairness and fun go hand in hand.

Trust & Safety (T&S) Services: Our Trust & Safety services uphold Fair Play principles and help gaming companies protect their players and their brands with these measures:

1.Content Moderation: Our content moderation efforts extend across text, voice and visual content, fostering a respectful and positive atmosphere for all gamers. Wipro’s AWS-based solution uses sentiment analysis to provide voice and video content moderation during live multi-player games sessions, quickly detecting inappropriate messaging and offensive content, including hate speech, harassment, and cheating, in multiple languages before it is displayed to the public. 

2.Fraud Prevention: We employ cutting-edge technologies and strategies to detect and prevent fraud.

3.Player Safety: We combat cyberbullying and online predators, creating a safer digital space where players can enjoy their gaming experiences by monitoring player behavior and responding to reported infractions.

4.Community Management: Our community management services focus on nurturing a healthy gaming ecosystem where players can interact, collaborate, and compete in a respectful and secure environment by developing and enforcing community guidelines and educating players about safety.