Our Expertise

Your games aren’t just error-free; they’re tailor-made for global success.

Quality Assurance (QA) and localization are crucial aspects of the gaming industry, ensuring that games are free of errors and technical issues, culturally relevant, and accessible to players anywhere in the world.

In the relentless pursuit of gaming excellence, impeccable quality is non-negotiable. Wipro’s IntelliAssure is an AI-enabled QA platform hosted on AWS that improves the efficiency of non-functional testing, helping QA engineers build higher-quality games. Key features include predictive quality analytics, insights to standardize QA governance, and autonomic healing to optimize defect lifecycle management. Our automated testing frameworks accelerate the game testing process, and our agile development methodologies allow continuous integration and rapid iteration, resulting in faster feedback loops and prompt bug resolution.

Our advanced testing methodologies encompass a wide array of critical areas, including:

  1. Test Automation: Validate game functionality and performance for flawless games
  2. Non-Functional Testing: Assess performance, scalability, security, usability, and user experience
  3. Performance Engineering: Optimize performance for maximized player satisfaction and engagement
  4. Testing as a Service: Comprehensive and complete quality testing and reporting, to include:
    • Regression Testing Across the Lifecycle: Rigorous testing processes, including regression tests, nightly build tests, and integration tests, ensuring that your game remains flawless and performs impeccably at every stage.
    • Compatibility Testing: Testing the game on different devices, operating systems, and hardware configurations to ensure widespread compatibility.
    • User Experience Testing: Evaluating the game from the player's perspective to identify usability or design issues.
    • Lab-as-a-Service: Wipro’s Tarang Lab offers “Lab-as-a-Service” right from the design phase to hardware compliance. Enabling end-to-end remote testing capabilities for running and debugging test cases. Learn more about Tarang Labs.
    • Intelligent 5G Testing with Wipro’s 5G Def-i Innovation Center: Our 5G Def-i Innovation Center provides proof of concepts, customized solutions, and competitive advantage with intelligent 5G testing. Our services include product qualification, compliance, pre-certification, and interoperability testing to ensure optimal performance from 5G investments.
  5. Localization QA: Our localization experts are your cultural ambassadors in this fast-paced and culturally diverse gaming landscape. From character dialogues to in-game text and user interface elements, we meticulously craft every aspect to provide authentic and engaging player experiences in their native languages. Our localization experts excel in:
    • Language Translation: Translating in-game text, dialogues, and subtitles.
    • Cultural Adaptation: Customizing game content and characters to ensure cultural sensitivity and relevance.
    • Audio Localization: Providing voiceovers and audio in desired languages.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with local regulations and content standards, such as age ratings and censorship requirements. User Interface Adaptation: Modifying the user interface to accommodate desired requirements.

Wipro has access to 28,000+ testing practitioners in over 400+ active global engagements to provide QA guidance. Our team can test for functionality, security, compliance, compatibility, UI, performance, multiplayer capabilities, device-based functionality, infrastructure, network issues, localization, and ad hoc game test requirements.